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High speed mixing cement grout mixer

2020-02-03 17:49:25

High speed mixing cement grout mixer

High speed mixing cement grout mixer is a high work efficiency grout mixer for compounding the cement and water. It consists of two separate tanks - mixing tank and agitator tank, more convenient for transportation. It often works together with similar grout pump. Grout Mixer Machine for sale is used to mix cement and water evenly, then pour into grouting pump, in order to doing the grouting work efficiently. When working, water and cement according certain ratio is added into the grout-making tank, then, the materials work in the high speed continuous flow to be compounded equably under the action of the grout-making pump. The compounded grout is discharged into the store tank through the valve, in which there are two pieces of paddle can prevent from depositing and eduction. High work efficiency grout mixer for cement slurry or other similar materials suitable for being mixed quickly. Mixing tank and agitator tank can be apart to be two separate units when transportation.

high speed mixing cement grout mixer

1. High speed mixing and high efficiency to achieve continuous mixing;
2. Simple structure, easy assemble;
3. Less spare parts, low maintenance;
4. Mixer and agitator switch by using squeeze handle, great reliability and simple to operate.

high speed cement grout mixer

High speed cement grout mixer is a combination consisting of a steel sheet cylindrical mixer tank heavy-duty slurry pump and agitator tank, set-up on a strong base frame. The slurry is mixed through a high-speed vortex produced by a special pump which, after sucking the material from the bottom of the mixer tank, sends it back tangentially into the same tank in order to get highest possible efficiency. By this process, it is possible to obtain homogeneous colloidal and high-quality mixtures within a very short period of time. After mixing, these mixtures are pumped into the agitator tank with slow speed mixing paddles by the above same pump. When the mixtures in mixer tank of high speed grout mixer are completely pumped out, to shift the special design handle valve to continue to mix the next cycle slurry.

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