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Planetary ultra-high performance concrete mixer for sale

2022-01-06 17:07:33

Leadcrete Equipment, a company specializing in the planetary concrete mixer for sale, has ten years of export experience. The mechanical equipment adopts the most recent convection mixing method, which is very good planetary concrete mixing. The function of revolution and rotation can ensure that the range of motion covers the entire area without leaving any dead ends. Therefore, its performance is better than other concrete mixers.

planetary ultra-high performance concrete mixer

We are doing planetary ultra-high performance concrete mixer with cement weighing hopper and high-yield projects, the proportioning is usually carried out by the batching tower. When we are doing some small projects, we can use the hopper with metering to carry out accurate proportioning and achieve the proportion we want. We accept customer customization and can upgrade the machine according to customer's idea. Customer advice is our biggest motivation to improve. Before, we had a customer who needed to planetary concrete mixer with hopper. We also added a pump to the machine to realize the mixing and proportioning of water through electronic control.

ultra-high performance concrete mixer

Leadcrete Group is an experienced planetary mixer manufacturer, and we have focused on the manufacturing and innovation of planetary concrete mixer and gas cement mixer for sale firstly at the end of 20th century. So far, our planetary mixer concrete has been exported to many countries, such as Russia, the Philippines, Indonesia, South Africa, India and so on. With advanced planetary mixer design, the project task can be finished ahead of time without extra spending and time. In addition, planetary concrete mixer for sale for sale is often used as the main host of stationary concrete plant, which can totally ensure the mixing quality while improving productivity.

planetary ultra-high performance concrete mixer for sale adopt disc agitator, and the circular arc transition part inside the agitator is precisely polished by multiple processes, which ensures no dead angle of the agitator blade. Moreover, the inner lining plate of the mixing drum makes the mixer more durable.

planetary concrete mixer for sale

Ultra-high performance concrete mixer machine is compact in structure and uses advanced transmission device to realize stable operation of materials. Moreover, its unique design of the sealing device can ensure the cleanliness of the entire working environment. This can ensure that dust will not enter the mixer drum to affect the quality of materials, but also to avoid pollution to the surrounding environment.

In order to make optimum use of possible configurations, a new type of code was implemented for the new Leadcrete series. The mixers are configurated in accordance with the specific requirements of the individual customer combining the components needed correspondingly, and not as usual, according to the maximum filling capacity of the mixer. The type designation includes the size of the planetary concrete mixer for sale and the number of drives used for the mixing turbine, besides the drive power.
Of course, when you do not need to improve the hopper, the price of bare machine is very good. Our delivery time and production capacity are relatively fast, when you place an order, we can prepare for you to arrange production.

Than traditional concrete mixing equipment, concrete mixer, planetary ultra-high performance concrete mixer adopts the combination of revolution and rotation of planetary stirring principle, can guarantee the fast mixture stirring no dead Angle, to avoid the traditional concrete mixing and difficult mixing that occurs in the process of mixing and planet type concrete mixer at competitive prices. As a new type of concrete mixer, planetary concrete mixer for sale special hard tooth surface reduction mechanism, high efficiency, large torque, low noise; Waterway system, multi-pipe multi-channel convenient for high quality mixing and more conducive to the cleaning and maintenance of concrete tearing equipment: discharge door can be discharged at the bottom or side door, equipment design is flexible, beautiful shape can be flexibly used in various industries and fields of different production lines.

If you interested in the planetary concrete mixer, please contact us! And we can supply the 500L, 750L, 1000L, 1500L, 3000L capacity planetary concrete mixer for you choosing! 

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