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1500 to 2000 rpm high speed mixer for mixing bentonite 

2023-08-23 18:25:18

Leadcrete Equipment is a leading manufacturer and supplier of colloidal high speed mixers for mixing bentonite in China. Our high-speed mixer for mixing bentonite is designed to reduce downtime and waste, ensuring your project runs at or near 100% capacity.

1500 to 2000 rpm high speed grout mixer

This high speed grout mixer is specifically designed for continuous cement mixing and grouting in ground and underground engineering. It is primarily used for continuous mixing of cement, bentonite, additives, and other materials.

bentonite grout mixer

The high-speed bentonite grout mixer is widely used in construction, such as dam foundation grouting and tunnel grouting. It thoroughly mixes the cement grout with colloidal high-speed mixer in just about 1-2 minutes.

bentonite mixer

Some grout mixers use a circulation centrifugal pump, while others use an impeller directly. Both provide high shear forces that impart grouting when rotating at a speed of 1500 rpm. The colloidal high-speed mixer for mixing bentonite utilizes a proven high-performance design that allows for continuous operation and performance above industry standards.

high speed bentonite mixer

Our high-speed, high-efficiency high shear grout mixer is professional equipment for preparing cement slurry. It finds applications in hydropower, railway, transportation, construction, mining, and other industries. It quickly mixes cement, bentonite, water, and additives to form a uniform slurry. The colloidal grout mixers use vortex pulping, which ensures fast mixing and uniform slurry blending.

high speed bentonite grout mixer

With a motor directly driving the impeller to achieve high-speed liquid flow, the mixer completes a mixing cycle in just about 1-2 minutes. High-shear colloidal mixers are internationally recognized as the most efficient method for mixing cement-based grouts and other materials. Colloidal mixing results in stable mixes that resist bleed and water contamination. However, if the material contains sand, a colloidal mixer may not be suitable.

high speed mixer for mixing bentonite

Leadcrete Equipment produces colloidal grout mixers with various capacity ranges for grout mixing. The standard mixer capacities include 100L, 200L, 300L, 400L, 500L, 800L, 850L, 1200L, 1500L, 2000L, and 3000L. Customized mixer tank capacities are also available. We offer options for electric motors and diesel engines. Our basic mixer types include vertical paddle mixers and colloidal mixers. The colloidal mixer is a specially built, high-speed, diffuser-type centrifugal pump for mixing fine-grained slurries such as bentonite, cements, and fly ash. All components are easily accessible for operation, cleaning, and maintenance.

high speed grout mixer

The colloidal high speed bentonite grout mixer operates at a very fast speed. Vortex action within the mixing chamber rapidly assimilates solids into the high-shear mill, resulting in rapid batch times of 1-2 minutes. The mixing occurs throughout the entire weigh cycle, minimizing actual mix cycle times. We also produce grout agitators with lower mixing speeds. The tank capacity is based on the mixer tank capacity. The mixer has a pressure discharge, enabling rapid transfer of the mixed slurry directly to the agitation tank or final destination. The mixer and agitator can be controlled using a squeeze hose and handle or a butterfly valve. If needed, a weighed scale system can be added to the machine.
Our bentonite grout mixers are built to consistently produce high-quality, uniform mixes for construction, civil, and mining applications. We provide various guards, shields, grates, and screens to protect moving parts and ensure operator safety during equipment operation. Designed for simplicity, efficiency, and ease of maintenance, our grout mixer and agitator machines offer years of reliable service with minimal maintenance.
Each grouting mixing unit is designed for a balanced grout delivery. If it is a complete grouting unit, its features are designed to allow continuous, non-stop grout capability. This means the mixer is large and fast enough, and the storage hopper is sufficiently sized to keep the pump continuously fed.
With our extensive experience in grout mixing, our engineers have over 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing grout mixers and agitators for mining and heavy civil markets worldwide. We provide the finest, most practical, and dependable grouting equipment available. For more information about our high speed bentonite grout mixer, please email us at

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