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Heavy duty peristaltic pump for the mining industry

2018-02-08 17:28:19

Leadcrete peristaltic pumps are the first choice in the mining industry worldwide. It shows extraordinary performance in tough and insurmountable environments.

Rough mining slurries contain more than 80% of sub-micron solid content and specific gravity (SGS) of more than 2.0. Only the peristaltic pump can draw such a viscous fluid and maintain a high level of equipment utilization, and such work environment, centrifugal pumps and the like will have a continuous failure, unable to extract such a high SG of mud, only relatively low equipment performance.

In addition, a reversible peristaltic pump can be used to clear the thickener underflow choke.

In the dosing chart, variability of corrosive reagents causes clogging of the diaphragm pump resulting in increased chemical dosage and factory inefficiencies, while advanced screw pumps allow the stator to burn out during idling. Peristaltic pumps are therefore designated for widespread use in flotation cells, primary minerals and tailings treatment plants, and heap leaching devices.

Rubber tube to extract the slurry material:


Copper concentrate


Nickel ore

Cobalt ore

Silver mine

Chromium ore

Gold mine

heavy duty peristaltic pump

Peristaltic pumps have many applications in the mining industry:

Slurry transfer

Thickener underflow recycling

Quantitative rationing reagent

Froth flotation

Cyanide treatment

Peristaltic pumps are a type of positive displacement pump used to deliver fluids. The fluid is contained in a flexible hose inside the pump housing. The principle of actual aspiration, known as peristalsis, is based on alternately compressing and relaxing the hose, aspirating and expelling the substance, and pushing the product away from the pump, where the organism delivers the food in the same way. This process allows precise metering of the peristaltic pump or metering pump to supply the same amount of liquid each time. Calibrating pH is a very specific process and must be very accurate for dosing pumps. Peristaltic pumps have a linear flow rate characteristics and excellent repeatability, so that they can provide the most accurate solution.

The pumped liquid also does not come into contact with any moving parts because it is completely contained in the reinforced hose. The rotating end plate forms a complete seal along the length of the hose between the suction tube and the pump discharge side. As the pump rotor rotates, the pressure of the seal moves along the hose, urging the media away from the pump into the discharge line. Here to release the pressure, the tube restored to its original state, the formation of a vacuum, so inhaled medium into the suction side, that is, working principle. Combined with the results of these suction and discharge operations, a self-priming displacement pump and a peristaltic pump have been created. The perfect seal between the two sides of the pump means that nothing slides. 

peristaltic pump for the mining

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