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Gunite pool pump for sale

2018-09-06 10:54:37

Concrete gunite technology is a method of machine spraying of reinforced and non-reinforced concrete layers on vertical walls, in particular, and ceilings which can be of irregular shapes.

Gunite Pool Pump Working Principle

Dry concrete gunite machine is named as guite machine, the dry mixture for spraying or transportation is poured in the machine and smoothly fills the cylinders of the rotor below the hopper. To fill a mixture into the rotor more easily, a vibrator and a rippling are fitted in the hopper. The rotating movement of the rotor moves the mixture along by 180°in the clockwise direction. The mixture is thus blown out from individual cylinders of the rotor into transport hoses.
As the mix passes through the blower into the transport hoses, lower pressure air is added to enhance the continuous flow of the material in hoses. The hoses are equipped with the spraying nozzles at the end, into which the mixing water is fed at the same time to wet the transported mixture. The required wetting of the mixture is controlled with the supply cock. Dry shotcreting is based on pneumatic transport of dry mixtures and their moistening at the moment of actual spraying. The dry mixture is transported from the machine (concrete spraying machines, shotcreting machines) to the place of spraying by transport hoses with spraying jets and gauge water to moisten the sprayed mixture as required.

dry concrete gunite machine process

Dry Concrete Gunite Machine Process

gunite pool concrete machine is used in particular for:

1.Preliminary sealing with the hardening agent.

2. Primary sealing of concrete and rocks.

3. Grouting brickwork and panels.

4. Plastering bigger concrete areas.

5. Maintenance work in shafts and tunnels.

6. Reinforcement of slopes.

7. Repairs and lining of furnaces, boilers, range of coke ovens etc. in hot or cold environments .

dry mix shotcrete machine

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