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What are the grouting methods commonly used for grouting pumps

2018-03-30 14:03:41

Grouting pump grouting generally uses successive grouting method, intermittent grouting method, string hole grouting method, and joint grouting method.

1. Successive grouting is continuously grouting from beginning to end until it reaches the purpose of grouting. This grouting method is suitable for grouting when the grouting layer or the fracture gap is small, the water absorption capacity of the drill hole is small, and the slurry consumption is not large.

2. Intermittent grouting method, when the grouting channel is large, and the drilling unit consumes large amount of slurry, intermittent grouting method may be adopted. The length of the grouting period depends on the time required for the slurry to reach the initial setting, and the number of intermittent times is the orifice pressure. The rate of increase depends on the speed.

3. String hole grouting method, string hole grouting method is grouting in series with the two holes, this grouting method is suitable for the grouting process in the adjacent hole smash situation, grouting according to the hole water level bump, can be Inject water into the downstream grouting hole and then grouting in the upstream grouting hole.

4. The joint grouting method and the joint grouting method are integrated into various grouting methods. This grouting method can effectively solve many grouting problems with large water flow rates and large flow rates. If the water flow is large and the flow rate is small, a slurry that is not easily diluted with water may be used to apply intermittent grouting; if the flow rate and flow rate are large, a larger specific gravity may be set before grouting, and the channel may be filled and then injected. Rapid coagulation slurry, combined with various grouting methods for grouting. 

grouting pump grouting methods

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