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Grouting injection pump for sale

2019-07-16 15:20:21

Grouting injection pump is a very important machine in grouting project. Following are classification of grouting and analysis of application conditions.

According to the purpose and function of grouting, grouting can be divided into water blocking grouting and reinforcement grouting. According to the order of the work, it can be divided into pre-grouting and post-grouting.

The purpose of water shutoff and grouting is to block the groundwater from intruding into the working surface and facilitate construction. The requirements for the slurry material are: the gel time is short, and it can be easily and accurately controlled within a certain range, but the strength is not required to be high, and it is suitable for the rocky hard and large water-bearing formation.

The purpose of reinforced grouting is mainly to reinforce the surrounding rock, so that a certain range of surrounding rock is cemented into a force ring, which has higher requirements on the stone strength of the slurry, but the gel time is not strict. It is suitable for formations where the formation is weakly broken and the groundwater is less.

Pre-grouting can be further divided into ground pre-grouting (or vertical pre-grouting) and pre-grouting in the cave (or horizontal pre-grouting). Pre-grouting has higher safety and less process interference (such as pre-grouting in the hole or pre-grouting in the working face, it takes up one working surface), which is suitable for large-scale high-pressure water blocking or reinforced grouting. Post-grouting refers to grouting after excavation. The utility model has the advantages of simple operation and obvious effect, and is suitable for general anti-seepage and plugging and backfill grouting. What kind of grouting should be used should be determined according to hydrogeology and engineering geological conditions, grouting purposes and requirements, etc., after comprehensive comparison of various grouting safety, technology and economy.

Grouting injection pump

Injection grout pump basic requirements for slurry:

1. Good fluidity, low viscosity of slurry, easy to inject into small cracks and fine sand layer.

2. The slurry gel time can be adjusted freely within a few seconds to several hours, and can be accurately controlled. Once the slurry is gelled, it is completed in an instant.

3. The slurry has good stability and does not deteriorate for a long time under normal temperature and pressure, and no chemical or physical changes occur.

4. The slurry is non-toxic and odorless, non-polluting to the environment, harmless to the human body, non-flammable and explosive materials.

5. It is non-corrosive to pipeline system, concrete, rubber products, etc., and easy to clean.

6. There is no shrinkage during curing. The compressive tensile and flexural strength of the stone body is high. The stone body has high cementation strength with rock, strontium, sand, etc., and the impermeability is good, and the anti-scouring performance is good.

7. Durable.

8. The source is cheap and easy to transport.

9. Easy to prepare, easy to mix and match.

At last, hope these information can help you in a way. If you have any unclear about injection pump, please contact us at the first time. We will be pleased to help you. Thanks for you attention.

injection grout pump

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