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Grouting injection machine cost

2021-02-05 15:02:22

Grouting injection machine cost

The grouting injection machine is a key equipment in the construction of roads, mines, buildings and other scenes. The performance, quality and output of the heavy duty grouting pump play a decisive role in the safety, quality and efficiency of construction projects. The grouting injection machine needs to be carefully selected. If the heavy grouting injection machine is selected randomly or blindly, it may not achieve the expected results at a high price, and more serious may cause engineering accidents. Therefore, it is very important to scientifically choose a grouting injection machine with good quality and grouting injection machine price! 

grouting injection machine price

Lead Equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the design, production and sales of grouting injection machines for construction projects. As a grouting injection machine for sale company, we have many different types of grouting injection machines, piston grouting pumps, plunger grouting pumps, squeeze grouting pumps. high pressure grouting pump, medium pressure grouting pump and low pressure grouting pump are suitable for various projects. 

grouting injection machine

Grouting injection machine cost is a horizontal hydraulic pump used to pump cement slurry or bentonite slurry and other fluid mixtures. It is suitable for injecting consolidation and piling into the subsoil, and can even be used for long-term material transportation. The grouting injection machine cost uses two high-pressure plungers to maintain the consistency of flow. The grouting pressure and displacement are steplessly adjustable. Small size and convenient operation. 

The grouting injection machine works by a motor and a high-pressure drive gear oil pump. The oil output by the gear oil pump enters the hydraulic reversing valve block through the overflow valve, and the hydraulic reversing valve block controls the cylinder to reciprocate. Since the cylinder and the working cylinder move synchronously and the diameter and stroke of the working cylinder are the same as that of the cylinder, the displacement and pressure of the working cylinder are basically similar to those of the cylinder. There is a set of suction valves at both ends of the working cylinder, which can suck and release the same slurry. Two different slurries can be sucked and discharged. Grouting injection machine is mainly used in engineering construction fields such as railways, highway tunnels, water conservancy and hydropower, subway tunnels, mine tunnels, military facilities, various underground constructions and emergency rescue. 
Our grouting injection machine has the following competitive advantages:
1. Infinitely adjustable grouting pressure and displacement.
2. Simple structure, light weight, easy operation and convenient maintenance.
3. The pulse is small; the continuous output is high, and the output is twice that of the grouting piston.
4. Few spare parts, greatly reducing maintenance costs.
5. Powerful functions, with counters to record and display the reciprocating times of the grout pump, etc.
6. High safety performance, the motor has overload protection function and the hydraulic system has oil temperature and overheat protection.
7. Electric motor and hydraulic drive. Once overpressure occurs at any time, the hydraulic safety protection mechanism will be activated.

Our company has a professional engineering designer team, so if you are looking for direct supply from the factory supplier or have a good grouting injection machine price, we can customize and design exclusive product solutions for you. You can contact me freely,

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