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LEC grout pump description

2017-09-27 09:37:28

First, LEC grout pump description

Grout pump is widely used and a variety of grout construction occasions, compared with other similar support products, with energy-saving high-performance characteristics, the use of grout pump grout has become the construction, machinery and equipment Co., Ltd. guiding the ideological and technical personnel given The general description of the working principle of the syringe pump, its application scope and characteristics.

Second, the working principle of grout injection pump

The grout pump is driven by the motor through the reducer to drive the working cam with a specific path to advance the piston grout pump. When the piston returns the cylinder and the valve chamber relative to the formation of a vacuum, the mortar enters the lower valve chamber and the cylinder from the hopper through the suction pipe. When the piston forwards the cylinder and the valve chamber pressure rises, the piston cylinder pumps the cylinder and valve chamber mortar out of the upper valve chamber, so the cycle is repeated and the mortar is pumped continuously.

Third, the scope of application of grouting pump

Construction work in the masonry or plaster mortar transport, ports, docks, hydropower stations and other pressure grout operations, basic treatment, soft foundation reinforcement grout, tunnel, subway, mine construction backfill grout;

Fourth, the characteristics of grout pump

1. No pulse, work pressure, large flow;

2. High efficiency, easy operation, safe and reliable;

3. Compact structure, easy to move and flexible, easy maintenance;

4. The use of cam drive, piston structure, automatic pressure control;

5. Can be sent to the ratio of 1: 2: 3.5 mortar.

LEC grout pump

grouting pump

high pressure grout pump


hydraulic grout pump

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