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Grout Mixing and Pumping Suggestions

2016-04-23 17:26:37

Recommendations provided here is intended as an aid to help operators to identify some of the factors that need mixing and pumping cement grout to consider. Because of a variety of materials can be used in many different applications, it is the responsibility of the operator familiar with his plan to the specific characteristics of the materials used.


In today's market existing commercial manufacturing materials are structural repairs, the ingredients of the floor, the material strength non-shrink grout, manholes and sewer lining mortars and other special materials. These materials have unique characteristics, it must be well understood in order to ensure the success of the application.


In general, most of the material needs to be consistent success pumping flowable or pourable. This means that if the material can be poured in a bucket or tub, which can be easily pumped. An exception is the repair mortar requirements, often in a thicker consistency mix and requires special pumping technology. Consistency contains aggregate best when the pump is maintained at the lower range of the best execution pourable material; that is, not too wet.

Set the time

Some materials contain accelerating admixture to reduce setup time. This is especially true repair mortar spraying material so that you can gain strength quite quickly. It is important to continue to move the use of these types of materials. Once mixed material must be kept in motion immediately and the pumping and subsequent batches must be mixed and pumped quickly as possible. Any delay in the application process may lead to blockage of the hoses and equipment. The temperature of these materials also have a hose on a hot day exposure to the sun will accelerate the setting time of more degrees of effectiveness; therefore, this should be avoided. It may even be necessary in some cases, to cool the material, mixing water, or even to the hose itself.

Pumping distance

Pumping distance should always be kept to a minimum, and the hose should be run as straight as possible no matter what material is being used. Sometimes circumstances require a longer than usual length of hose; this occurs, every effort should be made to use every possible advantage to ensure a successful application. Some materials can not draw a long distance, so it is best to know the characteristics of the material in the production process before attempting raised.

General Procedure

Before attempting mixing pump production materials, it is prudent to wash mixer and sufficient water pumps and pump hopper thoroughly rinse all grout lines. It is possible to remove any residual material or scale grouting system. Once completed, remove the grout hose from the discharge end of the pump and lift all the water, or by gradually lifting the entire hose, start at one end, while another.

Next, mix a 6-1 / 2 ratio of approximately Portland cement slurry consisting of water 7-1 / 2 gallons of cement in a bag (94 lbs), and through this pump grouting system. This is to remove any residual water, for the production of lubricating material from the hose which follow. Now the production of grout slurry can be mixed and blended, which is so pumped immediately evacuated the hose from the back, and may be retrieved in a bucket. Do not attempt to dry the pump tube production materials.

Finally, one last word about procedures. Sometimes, no matter how operators may be conscientious, a hose will be blocked. Once this happens, the only sure way to remove the plug material it is empty. Beat it with a hammer or with the vehicle running in it usually does not succeed. A prudent operator would be for such eventualities having a small diameter pipe stiffness, hoses or plastic pipes ranging sufficient length, he can quickly connect water, rinse from the hose filling preparation.



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