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The differences of dry-mix and wet-mix process shotcrete

2019-12-19 17:09:57

The differences of dry-mix and wet-mix process shotcrete
Two basic methods of applying shotcrete are dry mix process and wet mix process. The term gunite is frequently used when referring to the dry-mix method; other terms such as air-placed concrete, gunned concrete and sprayed concrete have also been used in the past to describe the process.

Dry mix process shotcrete

In this process, the wet cement and aggregate are mixed and then placed in a device that meters the mixed material into the compressed air stream. The material is compressed air through a delivery hose to the water under pressure through a nozzle ring plus porous carrier. The water thoroughly wets the other ingredients as the mixture is jetted from the nozzle at high velocity onto the surface to be shotcreted.

dry mix process shotcrete

Dry mix process shotcrete machine

dry mix shotcrete machine

Wet mix process shotcrete

In the wet mixing process, all the ingredients are first mixed to produce mortar or concrete. Then the mortar or concrete is placed into the delivery device. The material through the delivery hose to a compressed air is injected to increase the speed of the nozzle forcibly.

wet mix process shotcrete

Wet mix process shotcrete machine

wet shotcrete machine

Compared to the systems

Bonding ability of dry-process shotcrete is excellent because of the low water-cement ratio and high impact velocity. One of the more attractive features of the wet-mix systems is that the water-cement ratio can be controlled more precisely.  
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