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Quality control measures and points of grout injection pump construction

2017-08-15 10:59:57

Quality control measures and points of grout injection pump construction:

(1) Where the foundation pit is large or has an important protection on the side of the pit, the reinforcement effect will be bad or the loss of the project or the surrounding environment. Therefore, it is generally necessary to carry out the suitability of the reinforcement process test. Through the foundation of the pile test pieces, we can master the piling experience of the site and a variety of operating technical parameters. Before the grout injection pump construction must be carried out indoor compressive strength test of cement to select the appropriate admixture and provide a variety of ratio of strength parameters.
(2) According to the construction machinery parts can develop a careful grout pump construction program, the construction of the solid body of the performance and function should be intact, no cement consumption of the device is not put into use.
(3) the monitoring of the grout injection pump construction quality, the amount of cement in the construction process, the amount of cement spray evenly real-time monitoring, the use of computer system to directly display the reinforcement of each cement and the depth of the relationship between the depth, And can be compared with the design value of the amount of solid cement to ensure the uniformity of cement blending and cement uniformity.
(4) During the grout injection pump construction of the reinforcement process, due to the limitations of the reinforcement process, in some soil conditions will produce slurry and pulp phenomenon, so that the incorporation of cement slurry is not effectively retained in the need to strengthen the area. In the intensive reinforcement area, due to the pressure of cement or mechanical mixing, will produce excessive squeezing phenomenon, which has a negative impact on the environment. To this end, the construction process in addition to the grout injection pump construction of themselves operation records, the need for environmental monitoring to avoid adverse effects on the environment.
(5) The use of precipitation program should be particularly strengthened watertight grout injection pump construction quality management, and the quality of water curtains, such as the discovery of problems should be dealt with before the digging to solve. Pits in the pit of the general use of light and point, jet wells or deep well wells, when the soil is saturated on the soil, silt, silt muddy clay, this time should be combined with the electrode combined. The inside of the pit is covered by the enclosed structure (including the curtain) and the design requirements are met. When the pit to do the foundation reinforcement, but also disaster in the foundation reinforcement and meet the design requirements. Precipitation Reinforcement of the foundation, the occurrence of turbid wells must be closed or re-buried. Pit in the precipitation, the water inside and outside the pit and soil deformation monitoring.

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