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Grout cement mixer for sale

2021-03-31 18:09:19

Grout cement mixer for sale
Lead Equipment has grout cement mixer for sale, grout cement mixer makes mixing efficient and profitable for the owner. Cement, water, bentonite, additive etc. materials are drawn through the high speed impeller pump, the pump rotating speed is 1500rpm to prevent flocculation and achieve complete wetness. Mixing time is only need 2-3 minutes, save time cost, the grout mixer for sale have been shown to increase apparent fluidity of slurry mixes by 20% than paddle mixers, play an important advantage for dam, rock, soil grouting etc.

grout cement mixer for sale

We have a variety of grout cement mixer for sale, and have rich experience in the use and precautions of grout cement mixer.
Instructions for use of grout cement mixer for sale:
1. Check the mixing impeller to correct, to ensure that the slurry pipe does not leak;
2. Add a proper amount of water, start the equipment to clean and wet the pulping barrel and pipeline, and discharge the water in the pulping machine after cleaning;
3. Add no less than 80Kg of water, start the pulping machine, uniformly add the powder in the specified order, control the feeding time within 5~6 minutes, and continue to stir for 3~5 minutes after all the powder is added;
4. Conveying the prepared slurry into a slurry storage barrel, and keeping dynamic slurry storage;
5. After connecting the pipe of the grouting machine to the slurry storage barrel, or directly conveying it to the hopper of the grouting machine, start grouting;
6. Immediately after grouting, clean the equipment and pipeline, and start the pulping machine, so that the remaining cement slurry in the pulping machine and pipeline can be recycled.

grout cement mixer price

Equipment maintenance of grout cement mixer for sale:
1. Before starting the machine, check whether the moving parts are jammed by hand, and whether the connections are fastened everywhere, and then the machine can be powered on and idling. Pay attention to whether the equipment has other abnormal phenomena during operation (keep adding water to the transmission assembly for cooling during operation), and pay special attention to that the motor should rotate clockwise when viewed from the connecting shaft of the transmission assembly;
2. Regularly check that 3# base grease is added to the transmission assembly;
3. Avoid idle running of the circulating pump for a long time, and prevent large hard particles or easily wound ribbons from entering the circulating pump;
4. When cleaning the grout cement mixer, the valves at the bottom of the pulping barrel and the bottom of the circulating pump should be opened to fully discharge the residual cement slurry, so as to avoid hardening affecting the equipment efficiency.
5. Regularly adjust the tightness of the packing seal of the pump unit. It is advisable to drip a little water from the packing box. Excessive compression will affect the service life of the packing and the efficiency of the equipment;

grout cement mixer

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