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Foaming agent for foam concrete

2019-06-12 17:52:34

Compared with traditional cement, foamed cement has many advantages such as light weight and heat preservation, and is widely used in various construction projects. In foamed cement, cement foaming agent is the key to ensure the performance of foamed cement. 


The vegetable cement foaming agent is made by using natural plant polymers as raw materials and processed through complex chemical reactions. The vegetable cement foaming agent is a pale yellow pure transparent liquid, which is not sensitive to water, non-toxic and tasteless, and has no sediment. The vegetable foaming agent is neutral, not easy to corrode metal, and does not cause environmental pollution. It is an environmentally friendly cement foaming agent. The foaming agent is resistant to storage, is not easily deteriorated, has excellent foaming properties, is rich in foam, and has good foam stability. The foaming cement made by the foaming agent has the characteristics of low consumption, low cost and stable quality, and is widely used in the floor heating project and the roof insulation project, which can significantly reduce the construction cost.


How to use our foaming agent?

1. The cement foaming agent should be added 20 minutes before the start of the cement foaming machine, so that the foaming agent can be fully diluted and the foaming effect can be better.

2. Before adding the foaming agent, the foaming agent can be filtered to a certain extent so that the cement foaming agent is more pure and free from impurities.

3. The foaming agent can be added by manual manual addition and automatic addition of the machine. The specific operation refers to the foaming agent manual.

4. If manual foaming is used, prepare to remove air pressure from the machine before adding.

5. When the foaming agent is automatically added, it can be added by using an automatic pump, which is convenient and quick, and can be continuously produced to speed up the progress of the project.

foaming agent

The cement foaming agent can reduce the surface tension of the liquid, and generate a large amount of uniform and stable foam inside the cement, so that the originally ordinary cement is turned into a foamed cement to meet the engineering requirements.

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