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Foam concrete machine for tunnel lining filling

2019-05-21 16:40:20

Foam concrete manufacturers attach great importance to the filling technology of cast-in-place foam concrete tunnel linings, because advanced foam concrete filling technology also has different production requirements for construction quality.

Foam concrete machine for tunnel lining filling

With the development of land reclamation forms in coastal areas in recent years, the foam concrete filling technology has also been developed accordingly. The traditional vacuum preloading and shallow layer replacement methods have high transportation costs, slow construction speed, and many disadvantages, which bring many inconveniences. If the replacement material is replaced by cast-in-place foam concrete, the effect of low-cost, large-volume fluid backfilling can be achieved, and the strength after hardening is also large, the quality can be guaranteed, the construction speed is fast, and the construction cost is low. Excellent performance, these advantages are not replaced by other products.

The advantages of cast-in-place foam concrete are that other products do not have, and advanced foam concrete filling technology makes it a great role in construction engineering.

Foam concrete machine

Foam concrete produced by foam concrete machine will have better results when used, but there are some precautions when filling, due to conditions.

The first is to keep the horizontal position of the foam concrete filling pipe and the filling surface, and then fill it. When leveling the surface, it is necessary to minimize the injection method to prevent the surrounding cleaning. The second is to use a straight pull to drag the foam concrete filling pipe, which can reduce the impact on the filling, including the impact of pressure, discharge, etc., and reduce damage to the foam concrete machine. However, it is not possible to fill the surface of the foamed concrete that has already been initially set, which has a great influence on the quality of the construction. Also, foam concrete filling workers should not walk around the foamed concrete that has been initially set. 

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