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Precast foam concrete wall panel machine for sale

2018-12-19 10:07:51

The precast foam concrete wall panel machine is a production machine specializing in the production of foam concrete wall panels.
The surface of the 
foam concrete machine product is smooth, and the compactness is high, which truly realizes the industrialized assembly line production of the new building partition wall plate, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the production workers.

Lightweight wallboard machines mainly use lightweight aggregates (expanded perlite, ceramsite, shale, EPS pellets, volcanic ash, etc.), cementitious materials (cement, gypsum, magnesite cement, etc.), fillers (fly ash, Slag, plant fiber, construction waste, etc.), reinforcement materials (glass fiber, steel wire, plastic steel, etc.).
Main use: for internal and external maintenance walls of frame structure houses.

Features of the precast foam concrete wall panel machine:

1.Easy to operate, equipment technology is mature and reliable. 

2. Full hydraulic power, mold body, end mold hydraulic opening and closing, sufficient power and durability. 

3. Automatic length adjustment, excellent sheet metal foaming effect.

4. The process stability is good, greatly eliminating the randomness of the workers during the operation.

5. Group vertical mold production, vibration blank foaming, using the unit flow technology, wall board flatness and high dimensional accuracy.

6. Using a unique mixing process and molding process, can reduce the water-cement ratio of lightweight aggregate concrete, improve the strength properties of the wallboard and reduce the shrinkage value of the wallboard. 

7. Large structural rigidity, high foaming precision, accurate thickness and good flatness.

8. Continuous mesh netting, the cloth net is accurate and convenient, the tension is high, the glass fiber mesh cloth is positioned accurately and the thickness of the protective layer is uniform.

9. Light wall panel machine motorized mold opening, clamping, simple operation and high efficiency.

10. Plastic tube core tube, no flushing, mechanical automatic pipe (optional), high efficiency. 

11. Automatic temperature control, self-heating or self-steam heating, special maintenance equipment (optional), self-supporting, short mold release cycle, increase production capacity, no need to build a maintenance kiln, low cost.

12. Advanced technology, first injection, after the tube; can reduce the water-cement ratio, improve the strength; no additional additives; reduce costs, avoid segregation and non-homogeneity, high yield.

13. Thickness, length are adjustable, a multi-purpose machine. (60, 90, 120, 150, 180, 200 can be customized production).

14. A wide range of applications.

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