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Peristaltic pump for foam concrete pumping

2018-10-15 10:00:09

The foam concrete peristaltic pump is a kind of rotor type positive displacement pump, and its working principle is similar to that of the digestive tract in the peristaltic manner of conveying gas, solid and liquid three-phase medium.

foam concrete machine

Designers and users of foam concrete peristaltic pumps are primarily concerned with their ability to deliver highly abrasive media. It has no valve and no seal. The only part that comes into contact with the medium is the inner cavity of the rubber hose. The rotor of the compression hose is completely independent of the medium.
The uniqueness of the foam concrete peristaltic pump: no other pump has better self-priming ability than the foam concrete peristaltic pump, it can produce perfect vacuum to absorb liquid; it can transport gas-containing liquid, foam liquid without air resistance; Shear sensitive media is also a strong term.
In the process of pumping, foam concrete peristaltic pump is an excellent choice. Comparing with the foam concrete screw pump and foam concrete piston pump, foam concrete peristaltic pump is the most suitable pump to convey the fluid foam concrete, because it is almost no damage to the produced foams, so it can guarantee the good performance of the final foam concrete products.
Foam concrete peristaltic pump is specially designed to pump the fluid foam concrete, there is a foam concrete machine, it uses the peristaltic pump for foam concrete pumping. This foam concrete machine is a full production line to produce and pump the foam concrete, including the feeding system, mixing system, foaming system and pumping system, so it is an ideal machine to produce the foam concrete products. And this foam concrete production line is time-saving and very convenient, has high cost-performance.
Due to the good performance of the foam concrete peristaltic pump, it is widely used to pump the foam concrete, and this quality foam concrete peristaltic pump is more and more popular all over the word. 

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