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China foam concrete pump company

2018-03-07 16:51:21

Lead equipment Co., ltd is one of leading foam concrete company in China; it is also a factory and exporter for ten years.

LD30 foam concrete pump is our most hot sale foam concrete pump and has been exported to more than 50 countries in the past few years. As efficient concrete pumping equipment, GF30 foam concrete pump has been extensively applied to various construction works to pump concrete, foam concrete, aggregate and mortars. Foam concrete pump adopts double cylinder piston type structure, which can greatly improve the service life, and it also has high pumping pressure that can satisfy the requirements of high-level pumping works. Hydraulic system is equipped with speed control valve, which can adjust pumping speed according to actual construction requirements. The cooling system adopts air cooler, which has remarkable cooling effect, and it can ensure the smooth operation of the machine. Besides that, foam concrete pumps are equipped with wheels that can realize portable site transition at any time.

The maximum vertical deliver height is 200 m, which can meet the requirement of high-rise building construction site. It is the ideal equipment for making CLC block, wall panel, foundation backfilling, floor heating and so on. 

foam concrete pump

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