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Precautions of investing foam concrete production line

2018-01-09 17:25:07

In the foam concrete market how to use the smallest investment for maximum benefit? How to better control the cost of foam concrete? What are the factors that affect the cost of foam concrete? What matters need attention in the investment of foam concrete production line?

1. The total area of ​​about 4,000 square meters (6 acres of land): about 600 square meters of raw materials as needed, the machine takes 100 square meters, placing mold requires 2000 square meters, product stacking conservation about 900 square Meters, the remaining 400 square meters can be used for other purposes.

2. The electricity needs three-phase electricity, water use tap water or well water.

3. Artificial: 4 - 6 people.

4. Raw material cost accounting: Because of the different raw materials used in various places, the cost is not the same. In addition, the choice of raw materials, if properly chosen will also save you the cost of production. Foam concrete is very rich in the types of raw materials used, fly ash, sand and so on can be used as its raw materials. Investors can according to the local raw material prices of foam concrete raw material ratio.

Foam Concrete Machine

In addition to the above aspects, there are three things to note:

First, ingredients and recipes.

I believe many investors understand the importance of ingredients and formulations in the production process after preliminary market research and they are the key factors that determine the cost and quality of each cubic foam concrete. Foam concrete production of raw materials consists of three main components: cement, fly ash / sand / tailings / ... ... (one of these, as long as they can be combined with the cement), foaming agent, the ratio of the three Determine the most important aspects of production and quality. In the inspection equipment must consult the factory about the approximate ratio of raw materials, especially the amount of cement. It is understood that some manufacturers produce equipment to produce the strength of foam concrete block, but because of the problem of formulating raw materials require a lot of cement, resulting in the production of foam concrete blocks, although with good quality but also accompanied by high The cost, or even higher cost than the price. Therefore, investors must understand the rough raw material ratio to the manufacturer during the inspection.

The recipe problem is also something you must know when investing in foam coagulation equipment. Formulation is the core technology of foam concrete manufacturers, almost no foam concrete manufacturers told customers in the initial specific formula, usually after the purchase of equipment manufacturers will inform. Therefore, the purchase of equipment must be asked foam concrete equipment manufacturers have a technical formula, the best manufacturers can see the production process and foam concrete block products, and then determine the manufacturer's formula reliability.

Second, foaming agent.

Recently there are always customers advice can provide the formula foaming agent. We can understand the customer wants to reduce the cost of production mentality, but here we have to remind our customers, blowing agent is not a simple blend of concentrated chemical raw materials, but requires a complex chemical reaction to get the foaming agent of the finished product, in this process not only need a few barrels in the open air such a crude container, but the need for sophisticated chemical equipment, laboratory and professional technical staff to be able to produce qualified foaming agent . We are not specialized in chemical industry, in the absence of huge equipment, laboratory investment under the premise of their own production of foaming agent purely nonsense, so when foam concrete equipment manufacturers tell you can provide foaming agent formula, be sure to increase alert.

Third, cut.

Foam concrete equipment is the production of slurry pouring into the mold, the general need for cutting, cutting, if not done properly affect the appearance of the product and thus affect the sales and price, weight will result in a large number of waste bricks, so the loss even more Big Cutting is an important criterion to inspect the quality of foam concrete equipment. When inspecting the manufacturer, it is necessary to carefully observe the shape of the brick and consult the manufacturer about the cutting process.

Before investing in foam concrete production line, we must pay attention to the above three aspects, to avoid unnecessary waste of investment.

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