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Foam concrete machine for casting wall

2018-12-25 10:07:34

Foam concrete made by foam concrete machine is an excellent building material, used to make CLC blocks, lightweight wall panels, wall casting, void filling, roof heating, floor heating,etc. 

foam concrete machine

Foam concrete machine has good performance in wall casting. Foam concrete is advanced than styrofoam. 

The weakness of styrofoam is that the heat-resistant temperature is low, and it begins to differentiate at 74 ° C. When the temperature continues to rise, it will melt and shrink.
The temperature of the floor heating hot water pipe is not constant, and sometimes exceeds 74 ° C, which will form a thermal differentiation of polystyrene foam to make the insulation failure.
The cast-in-place foam concrete is a cement inorganic material, the heat resistance can reach above 500 °C, and there is no thermal differentiation, so the service life is longer and the heat preservation effect is excellent.

Green, non-toxic and harmless. The cast-in-place foam concrete does not contain toxic components, and the foaming agent and various additives have no volatile harmful substances, which is beneficial to the indoor environment.
Styrofoam releases styrene toxic gases due to thermal differentiation. Therefore, the use of foam concrete is more environmentally friendly than the use of polystyrene foam.

Strength is better than polystyrene foam. The compressive strength of polystyrene foam is only 0.02-0.03 MPa, while the compressive strength of foam concrete of 200-300 kg/m3 is 0.6-0.8 MPa, and the pressure resistance is better.
Lower cost of use. The cost is 30% to 40% lower than that of polystyrene foam, which has obvious economic advantages.
Construction speed is fast. The cast-in-place foam light soil is flattened and can be laid flat, and the construction speed is 1/3 faster than that of the polystyrene foam board. Without seams, the heat loss caused by the seams is reduced.
The polystyrene foam board is laid one by one and has many seams, which easily form a cold bridge or a heat bridge.

foam concrete machine for casting wall

So if you want to make walls or build houses, you can choose foam concrete rather than styrofoam. And our foam concrete machine is specially designed for wall casting, it is a good choice.  

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