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Foam concrete machine for sale in Philippines

2024-02-04 17:10:31

After Chinese New Year holiday, we have received many orders of foam concrete machine from Southeast Asia especially Philippines friends. In view of the high efficiency, lightness, environmental protection and cost savings in housing construction, foam concrete machine is ideal for many housing construction projects. There is a huge demand of foam concrete machine in Philippines, it cause many people come into this business to earn money.

foam concrete machine in philippines

foam concrete machine for house in Philippines

foam concrete wall panel machine

Leadcrete is one of leading manufacturer, supplier, factory of foam concrete machine in China with more than ten years’ experience. LD series foam concrete machine has have been highly praised by Philippine clients because of its high performance and reasonable price. This foam concrete unit of 
above pictures mainly includes a LD2000 foam concrete mixer machine and a LD30 foam concrete pump. This unit is program controlled and very labor saving, high quality and easy to operate. Foam concrete machine in Philippines is mainly used in cast–in–situ wall, thermal insulation roofing, thermal flooring, external wall thermal insulation, upstanding beam foundation ditches filling, fire protection walls and sound insulation, etc.

Foam concrete

Foam concrete
, also called cellular foam concrete or cellular lightweight concrete(used by cellular lightweight concrete machine) is produced by the mixing a lightweight foam concrete result from water, Portland cement, fine sand including or alone fly ash and preformed stable foam. Cellular foam concrete is a lightweight, verstrong, cement product used as a soil and fill replacement, for example foam cellular concrete used as a lightweight fill to reduce settlement can be performed for about the same cost as surcharging in a very short period of time adjacent structures are not affected.

cellular foam concrete

The foam concrete made by us can meet the different requirement of application from your clients. We are also pleased to provide any technical support as I can. If you need, just send email to us. Email address:

Philippines cellular lightweight concrete making machine

Philippines aircrete machine

Foam concrete machine supplier

Foam concrete machine manufacturer

Foam concrete made by light weight foam concrete machine has many unique performances:

1. Light and high strength, reduce building load: dry density 320-1200kg/m3, is ordinary concrete or block 1/5-1/8.
2. Good insulation, sound insulation performance: its thermal conductivity of 0.06-0.16w/m.k, 24cm thick wall insulation layer of 58dB, to meet the building exterior walls, home wall insulation, sound insulation requirements.
3. Good anti-pressure performance: the strength of the pressure is greater than 0.5Mpa, the maximum strength can reach more than 10.5Mpa.
4. Good impact resistance: Because the foam concrete block is porous material, low elastic mode, has a good absorption and dispersion effect on the impact load, the foam concrete block is light weight and effectively reduces the building.
5. Do not crack, long service life: foam concrete block will not crack and empty drum phenomenon, use without brushing interface agent, anti-aging performance outstanding, long service life. 
6. Good water resistance: foam concrete material water absorption rate is less than 10%, and other wall self-insulation material is significantly different. 

Foam concrete performances

Foam concrete machine application in Philippines:

foam concrete machine used for large void fill

foam concrete machine for making foam concrete block

foam concrete machine for roof insulation

foam concrete machine for floor heating

foam concrete  for roof insulation

We have many types foam concrete machine for you choose: 

foam concrete machine in Philippines

Philippines foam concrete machine

foam concrete machine for sale in Philippines

foam concrete machine price in Philippines

lightweight concrete machine for house roof

In order to suitable model foam concrete machine, please let us know the follow:

1. What project you want to use the machine do? CLC block, wall, floor heating, roof heating, or other? 
2. What capacity do you need?  We have 5m3/h, 10m3/h, 20m3/h, 30m3/h, 40m3/h for your choice.   
3. What materials do you use to make foam concrete? Cement, foam agent, water?       
4. What density of the foam concrete you want to make? We always make 400-1600kg/m3.
5. May I know what is your local voltage? 3phase, 380V, 50Hz is OK for you? 
Now we have no distributors here in Philippine, it will be a direct import from China.

Foam concrete machine from the factory

concrete foam machine Philippines

CLC  foam concrete making machine

cellular foam concrete machine Philippines

Also we have concrete foaming agent, concrete foam generator and foam concrete wire cutting machine for our Philippine clients:

concrete foam generator supplier

foam generator machine price

concrete foam genetator and agent

chemical foam agent

foam concrete block wire cutting machine

wire cutting machine for CLC block making machine

We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of foam concrete machine for Philippines. Our foam concrete machines have been exported to many countries not only because of cheap price but also good performance.

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