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Foam concrete for thermal insulation

2018-11-08 09:51:39

Now the society is developing at a high speed, and engineering is everywhere. Of course, it is inseparable from the application of lightweight concrete. Foam concrete for thermal insulation is centralized in floor heating, roof insulation, external wall thermal insulation, thermal insulation wall panels, etc.

Foam concrete

Lightweight concrete (foam concrete) data thermal conductivity is low, the general residential shelter cushion density is not more than 400kg / m3 foam concrete, thermal conductivity of 0.06 ~ 0.10w / m.k.

Foam concrete for floor heating and roof insulation are widely used in many countries, such as, India, Philippines, German, Turkey, etc.
We just need to pouring the fluid foam concrete on the clean ground or roof and level the fluid foam concrete, when the wet foam concrete is solid, we need pouring some water every 3 hours to cure the foam concrete so that the foam concrete will not crack.

How to make the fluid foam concrete? Of course, we need foam and concrete.
First, we need make foam, introducing air to foam agent to make rich foams. Second, we need concrete, that is, we need cement, sand, fly ash, water, etc., and blend them into slurry by a concrete mixer.
So we need a foam concrete machine to do these procedures, it is multifunctional, it can finished all the procedures from feeding to pumping, because it has 4 parts, screw conveyor, foam generator, concrete mixer and foam concrete pump.

thermal insulation Foam concrete

For the thermal insulation wall panels, if you want to make, you need wall panel machine. It likes a mould, you just need pouring fluid foam concrete into it is OK. And when the wet foam concrete is solid, we need demould and take the wall panels out. Then, like the above mentioned, we just water to cure them. About 2 weeks, it can be used.

Foam concrete for thermal insulation

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