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What are the characteristics of foam concrete cast-in-place wall?

2018-08-17 11:59:42

Foam concrete manufacturers said that the construction cost of building exterior walls usually includes depreciation costs, material costs, labor costs, construction energy costs, transportation costs, management costs, capital costs, and unforeseen risk costs of construction equipment.

In terms of the characteristics of the foam concrete cast-in-place wall, its flatness is good, the use of the standard steel mold improves the flatness of the foam concrete cast-in-place wall surface, and the poured keel steel and the poured foam concrete are integrated into one. The overall effect and the surface quality of the foam concrete cast-in-place wall are excellent, and the plastering process of the foam concrete cast-in-place wall plastering mortar is eliminated, and the surface of the foam concrete cast-in-place wall such as the bottom putty and the tile can be directly scraped, which can save a lot of labor costs and greatly improve the work efficiency. The overall performance is good, it can be cast on site, and it is closely combined with the main project to reduce the cracking of traditional large-area stucco mortar.  

foam concrete cast-in-place wall machine

Moreover, mechanized and efficient construction, foaming, mixing and conveying integration. We can use the
foam concrete cast-in-place wall machine to finish all the process of building the foam concrete cast-in-place wall, including the feeding, mixing, foaming and pumping, etc. And it is very convenient to operate, because it adopts the digital control system to run the foam concrete cast-in-place wall machine, with a control panel, easy to operate.

foam concrete cast-in-place wall  mould

There is also a simple production process, which only needs vertical mold, pouring, and removing the mold, and avoids various processes such as handling, masonry, and painting of traditional building materials, and reduces the dusting.

The foam concrete cast-in-place wall machine can make the project finished earlier, saving labor and time, and providing us a faster and efficient way to finish the project.

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