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Fireproof performance of foam concrete

2018-06-06 17:12:23

Foam concrete is not the same as conventional concrete and does not have the same characteristics. Foamed concrete is much lighter and does not have the same strength as conventional concrete. For this reason foamed concrete and conventional concrete are generally used for different applications, although there are applications where either may be specified. Properties of lightweight foam concrete can be classified into two properties which are mechanical properties and physical properties.

At high temperature the heat transfer through porous materials is influenced by radiation, which is an inverse function of the number of air—solid interfaces traversed. Hence along with its lower thermal conductivity and diffusivity, the foam concrete may result in better fire resistance properties Fire resistance tests on different densities of foam concrete indicated that the fire endurance enhanced with reductions in density. While reviewing earlier studies on fire resistance, we find that, for lower densities of foam concrete, the proportional strength loss was less when compared to normal concrete. As compared to vermiculite concrete, lower densities of foam concrete is reported to have exhibited better fire resistance, while with higher densities, this trend is stated to be reversed. After studied the effect of cement composition on the behaviour of foam concrete at high temperature and concluded that foam concrete containing hydraulic cement with an Al203/CaO ratio higher than two can withstand temperatures as high as 1450 °C without showing sign of damage.

LD10 foam concrete machine is a middle-size foam concrete plant which is simple in operations, low cost, mobile, integrated system for mixing, foam-generating and pumping. It has the features of continuous feeding of material, water supply system, low power requirement and higher pumping height.

Our CLC foam concrete machine adopts peristaltic pump instead of screw pump to realize a stronger power. Peristaltic pump is most suitable pump for delivering foam concrete, and it can keep the quantity and ratio of foam very well and will not break the bubble. The density it can produce is 250 -1600kg/m3. What is more, peristaltic pump almost need no maintenance and the service lift is much longer than other kinds of pump. So, it can save your usage cost greatly.

Fireproof performance of foam concrete

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