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Advantages of foam concrete

2018-06-07 15:11:06

Foam concrete is usually prepared by mechanically foaming an aqueous solution of a foaming agent and then adding the foam to a slurry composed of a siliceous material, a calcareous material, water, and various admixtures, followed by mixing and stirring, casting, and the like. Cured porous material. Because foamed concrete contains a large number of closed pores, it has the following good physical and mechanical properties.

Advantages of foam concrete


making foam concrete

1. Light
The density of foamed concrete is small, the density grade is generally 300-1800kg/m3, and the density class of commonly used foamed concrete is 300-1200kg/m3. In recent years, ultra-light foam concrete with a density of 160kg/m3 has also been obtained in construction projects. It should be used for foaming concrete. Due to the low density of foamed concrete, the use of such materials in building structures such as internal and external walls, floors, floors, columns, etc., can generally reduce the weight of the building by about 25%, and some can reach a total weight of the structure of 30. %-40%. Moreover, for structural members, if foamed concrete is used in place of ordinary concrete, the capacity of the components can be increased. Therefore, the use of foamed concrete in construction projects has significant economic benefits.
2. Good thermal insulation
Because the foamed concrete contains a large number of closed fine pores, it has good thermal performance, ie, good thermal insulation performance, which is not available in ordinary concrete. Generally foamed concrete with a density range of 300-1200kg/m3 has a thermal conductivity of 0.08-0.3w/(m•K) and a thermal resistance of about 10-20 times that of ordinary concrete. The use of foamed concrete as a building wall and roofing material has a good energy-saving effect.
3. Good sound and fire resistance
Foamed concrete is a porous material, so it is also a good sound insulation material, which can be used as the sound insulation layer on the floors of buildings and the noise barriers of highways, the top floors of underground buildings and the like. Foam concrete is an inorganic material that does not burn and has good fire resistance. It can be used in buildings to increase the fire resistance of buildings.
4. The overall performance is good
With Taiheng Cement Foaming Machine, foamed concrete can be casted on site and combined with the main works.
5. Low shock absorption
The porosity of foamed concrete gives it a low modulus of elasticity so that it has a good absorption and dispersion effect on impact loads.
6. Waterproof performance
Cast-in-place foamed concrete has low water absorption, relatively independent closed bubbles and good integrity, making it have a certain waterproof performance.
7. Good durability: the same life with the main project.
8. Easy production and processing
The foamed concrete can not only be produced in the factory into a variety of products, but also on-site construction, directly cast into roofs, floors and walls.
9. Good environmental performance
The raw materials required for foaming concrete are cement and foaming agent. The foaming agent is neutral and does not contain harmful substances such as benzene and formaldehyde, thus avoiding environmental pollution and hidden fire hazards.
10. Construction is convenient
Only the use of cement foaming machine can realize automatic operation. It can be pumped to achieve long-distance transportation with a vertical height of 200 meters. The workload is 150-300 cubic meters/working day. This is the property of foamed concrete. Light weight, good thermal insulation performance, good sound and fire resistance, good overall performance, good low shock absorption, strong waterproof performance, convenient production and processing, good environmental protection performance, and convenient construction of cement foaming equipment.

foam concrete machine


application of the foam board concrete machine

If you want to make foam concrete, you can use our foam concrete machine, and I believe there will be good results.

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