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Where can I find a shotcrete machine?

2017-10-25 15:29:11

Shotcreting machine has many uses, shotcrete machine is widely used in tunnels, culverts, subways, bridges, coal mines, high marsh mines, hydropower projects, underground engineering, construction and other protective engineering. Shotcreting machine is used to spray concrete construction operations. The shotcrete machine is to prevent the gravel on the inner wall of the tunnel, the soil falling, to prevent the landslide, to prevent the collapse of the machine.
However, many people do not know how to choose and buy shotcrete machine. Where can I find a shotcrete machine? Then Zhengzhou Lead Equipment Co., Ltd. will tell you about.

Shotcrete machine for the dry mix shotcrete machine, wet mix shotcrete machine, how to buy the right need of the shotcrete machine? The easiest way to do this is to choose from the degree of wet and dry addition to the sprayer slurry. Here's a specific introduction to how to choose to buy shotcrete.
The sprayer is added to the spray slurry, such as concrete, cement, etc., without adding water or adding a small amount of water. Add a mixture of evenly mixed mixes, such as concrete, cement and water, and then spray it out. Because the addition of dry concrete or cement, so in the jet, the nozzle need to add water in order to ensure that the jet effect and will not produce too much dust. Wet shotcrete machine is the use of water to fully stir the concrete or cement, and then spray, and the nozzle without water, and will not produce dust, to ensure that the working environment.
The spraying distance of the shotcrete machine can reach more than 200 meters, and the slurry of the wet shotcrete machine is the slurry which has been stirred well. Therefore, the vertical conveying distance can only reach 20-30 meter, the horizontal conveying distance is 30- 50 meters. The wind pressure of the shotcrete machine can reach 7 cubic meters can be sprayed, wet shotcrete wind pressure will need 13 cubic meters to work.
Wet shotcrete machine has been mixed before the good, so neither takes a lot of manpower, and will not produce dust, and then the impact on workers and the environment is not large, applicable to a variety of working environment.
Shotcrete machine rebound rate of 15-50%, but also cause poor cohesion, especially in underground construction, will be subject to deformation of the crust and deformation, resulting in split and damage. Wet-type shotcrete machine rebound rate of up to 10%, and because the slurry before the water and cement than the good mixing, so high cohesion, not easy to change with the crust and deformation, safety has an important role.

The operator and the security are different. The shotcrete machine occupies a large number of operators, due to the production of large amounts of dust, not only affect the environment, but also on the safety of production and the greater damage to the workers, but not conducive to underground construction operations.

Leadcrete provides efficient high quality shotcrete machine, if you want to consult the external wall insulation board with shotcrete machine prices and find a suitable shotcrete machine?

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