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Electric plaster spraying machine for wall

2019-04-04 17:20:35

Electric plaster spraying machine introductions:
Electric plaster spraying machines are also called mortar spraying machines, rendering machines, plaster pumps, concrete spraying machines.
Plaster spraying machines have low maintenance costs and low energy consumption. It can spray more than 2000m2 per day with an average thickness of 2cm with double piston.
This series of electric plaster spraying machine is a new energy-saving and environment-friendly construction machine, based on the research and improvement of advanced German technology, taking into account the characteristics of construction and building materials.
The plastering spraying machine is main used for pumping, conveying, injecting and spraying common, premixed and special mortars, and is designed to spray mortar, cement, mud, slurry etc.
Electric plaster spraying machine is mainly used for spraying road, highways, tunnels, railways, hydroelectric power station and underground chambers construction.

electric plaster spraying machine for wall

electric mortar spraying machine for wall

electric mortar spraying machine

Features of electric plaster spraying machine:
1. Rapid mortar spraying machine design is reasonable, pump and compressor integration, easy to operate.
2. The spiral mortar spraying machine continuously feeds, no pulse phenomenon.
3. Mortar spraying machine is widely used, it can spray dry powder, mortar or spray ordinary mortar.
4. The mortar spraying machine is evenly sprayed and has strong adhesion.
5. The rotor/stator pump ensures that the material is pumped and ejected continuously and evenly. 
Working principle mortar spraying machine:
The electric plaster spraying machine is a kind of screw pump high pressure mortar spraying machine with advanced technology, simple operation and maintenance, and can be operated skillfully without special training. Suitable spray materials include: putty powder, paint, latex paint, paint, cement mortar, dry mortar, insulation materials, waterproof materials, fireproof materials, insulation materials, sound absorbing materials and other water soluble materials.
The machine is a multi-functional large-displacement electric plaster spraying machine with pumping, bonding and spraying joint operation; suitable for pre-mixed mortar construction with various characteristics and different uses; modular structure; optional control and adjustment function , to achieve different pressures, displacement and spraying speed; with pressure protection mechanism to meet the needs of remote operation. 

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