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Electric cement grouting pump manufacturer

2018-09-03 10:50:14

Grouting includes separation grouting method, buried pipe method grouting, low slump mortar method grouting, column bag grouting method etc. Grouting can largely improve the bearing capacity of the foundation soil, and increase the passive earth pressure of the soil inside the retaining wall. But it is not obvious to improve the lateral deformation resistance of the soil. Grouting pump is very important during the grouting projects.

grouting pump manufacturer

As for the grouting method and way, following for reference:

Grouting material: cement grouting, chemical grouting, mixed cement and chemical grouting.

Grouting object: rock grouting, gravel grouting, clay grouting, coal body grouting, coal rock mass grouting.

Function: anti-seepage grouting, reinforced grouting, foundation underpinning grouting, water blocking, reinforced grouting, sealed filling grouting.

Grouting mechanism: filling grouting, splitting and vein grouting, bedrock crack grouting, infiltration grouting, interface grouting, concrete crack grouting, and compact grouting.

Grouting pressure: static pressure grouting, high pressure jet grouting.

grouting pump

There are many types of cement grouting pumps: hose type grout pump, piston grout pump, plunger grout pump, screw grout pump. Could be widely used in tunnels grouting, blocking water in mine mining face; grouting and sealing water in rock roadway and concrete shaft wall; tunnel crack, broken rock mass, reinforcement of scattered rock; anchoring; backfill grouting and prevent surface subsidence, prevent landslides, correct grouting of building deflections, etc.
If used in other fields, the advantages of cement grouting pump may not be fully realized. Some electric cement grouting pump including the remote control functions, this allows the end user to grasp the working status of the mining cement grouting machine on the ground at any time. This could ensure that the machine can complete the grouting task safely and steadily.

cement grouting pump

Whether it is building or repairing paving roads, we must do the most basic grouting tasks. Or there may easily collapse. Usually the previous grouting work has been difficult. While now you don't have to worry about the grout pump price. You just need to pay more attention to its quality and steady. The grouting pump is quite important during the grouting projects.

supply grout pump price

When choosing a suitable grouting pump manufacturer, clients should pay attention to its certificate and production capacity. Grouting pump machine is a kind of mechanical or hydraulic type equipment. It must rely on good production technology and mature production technology, relying on perfect quality inspection process to produce qualified good products. Lead Equipment supply grout pump price, a reasonable price with the high quality injection grouting pump. With ISO and SGS factory report, your well trusted grouting and injection partner. Advanced grout mixing and pumping systems and product high outputs grouting machine. All of our electric cement grouting pumps come with coordinated device allocation, electrical control and power design powerful and easy operate. Grouting technology keeps your grout mixing and pumping systems operating at near 100% availability.

electric cement grouting pump

Smarter work, and using a smarter grouting pump. It’s time to simplify your grout process job. Lead Equipment manufactures grout mixer, grout agitator, grout pump and grout plant. High shear high speed type, durable design, users’ friendly. For more information about the Electric cement grouting pump manufacturer, please email us:

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