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How to improve the efficiency of the shotcrete machine?

2017-07-14 18:15:21

How to improve the running efficiency of shotcrete machine? Should start from two aspects, the first is the correct operation method, the second is a professional maintenance. Shotcrete machine after finished the homework we need it for a fixed maintenance regularly, so the next time use, not only can normal operation, can also extend the life.

1. after each work should be clear in time mix of the reducer for the surface adhesion and other sundry;
2. often with oil, lubricating oil shortage should be timely filling;
3. the cumulative work 250 hours (about three months) after should replace lubricating oil;
4, should be timely filling rotor shaft bearing lubrication oil (oil top side shaft mouth);
5. shotcrete machine each work 8 hours, maintenance needs to stop and ensure spraying rotating arm can normal operation; Stop spraying time more than 10 minutes every time, should be timely cleaning spray gun and plasma tubes, in strict accordance with the specifications disassembly, cleaning, installation and debugging use spray gun, keep gun spraying high performance;
6. regular cleaning dirt blades and air duct, keep clear of dirt. Cleaning spray room once a month; Timely removal of conveyor belt coating, adjust conveyor belt, elastic moderate;
7. regular cleaning main box cover, ventilation holes, power devices such as dust, maintain good heat dissipation, components work; To keep the photovoltaic grid glass clean, guarantee the accuracy of the photoelectric detection and reliable;
8. every six months to replace a stepless variable speed machine lubricating oil, each class of bearing lubrication.    

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shotcrete machine efficiency

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