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Safety precautions for operating concrete shotcrete machines

2017-07-12 15:39:00

When using the concrete shotcrete machine to pay attention to some safety precautions, so as to safe operation of the machine, responsible for their own health.

The following professional production of concrete spraying machine manufacturers Lead equipment for everyone to explain the details of the safe operation Note:

First, the concrete shotcrete machine work should check the following requirements:

A, check the safety valve is sensitive and reliable.

B, see the power line without rupture, wiring solid.

C, view the pressure gauge pointer between the upper and lower limits, according to the transmission distance, adjust the upper limit pressure limit. 

Second, before the start concrete shotcrete machine should also be connected to the first wind, water, electricity, open the intake valve to gradually reach the rated pressure, and then start the motor no-load operation, to confirm all normal, before feeding operations, see the pipe installation should be correct, solid seal. When the pipe through the road, should be set in the trough and covered with protection.

Third, the concrete work in the nozzle in front of the station is strictly prohibited, the operator should always stand in the concrete has been sprayed within the support surface, if the operation, when the pause time of more than 1h, the warehouse and the concrete shotcrete machine tube should be dry mixing All the material is sprayed, stop the time should stop feeding, and then turn off the motor and stop the compressed air.

Fourth, after the completion of work, shotcrete concrete  machine should be inside the warehouse and the infusion hose dry all the spray material, and should be removed from the nozzle clean, remove the body inside and outside the adhesion of concrete and debris, and should be cleaned And the seal should be in a relaxed state. 

Safety precautions for operating concrete shotcrete machines

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