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Dual Slurry Hydraulic Grouting Pump maintenance

2017-08-09 09:45:08

LH-HD dual slurry hydraulic grouting pump is suitable for the high pressure grouting seal engineering and large displacement. The dual slurry hydraulic grouting pump delivery pressure signal, the working medium (water mud and hydraulic oil), forming a closed-loop automatic control function, so the grouting pump has simple structure, can be timely and accurately to carry on the macroeconomic regulation and control, no overpressure. This hydraulic grouting pump can adjust its output and pressure through the adjustment of the continuous variables, and according to the preset functions automatically adjust the output of pressure grouting in the end.

Dual slurry grouting pump


Dual Slurry Hydraulic Grouting Pump

So how do we maintain when using dual slurry hydraulic grouting pump

1. Dual slurry grouting pump before each boot device, to check whether the machine hydraulic oil tank in normal, whether the travel switch fastening, if there is any discrepancy, should be timely treatment;
2. In the equipment operation, the operator should check the hydraulic system pressure is stable, long oil whether too fast, too high, machine hollow promises if there is a leak and suction empty phenomenon, should send a timely troubleshooting. To avoid the failure operation of hydraulic grouting pump, damage to the main oil pump and hydraulic components, serious when the device will not work properly;
3. Grouting, grouting cylinder and material flow pipe should be cleaned in time, and should be in material pipe wall with anti-rust oil. If the dual slurry hydraulic grouting pump doesn't have to use for a long time, to deal with the regular maintenance of equipment to conduct a comprehensive, keep equipment finished good and drain the hydraulic oil.
4. Equipment of hydraulic oil once every 12-18 months replacement, to facilitate system stable work;
5. Equipment in normal use process, should tighten the tight firmware regularly every three months and one pipe joint;

6. Remove the filter, air filter regularly once a month, to avoid damage to oil pump and hydraulic pipeline oil pump suction impurities.

If you have various needs of our LH-HD dual slurry hydraulic grouting pump, welcome to contact us (Email, we will with first-class service, to meet your needs!  

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