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Diesel grout pump for sale

2019-10-01 09:58:12

When the natural foundation could not meet the building foundation steady, the foundation deformation, the foundation permeability, grouting and injection is necessary. This diesel  grout pump could form the artificial foundation and meet the strength etc. request.
As for the grouting method, compact grouting, chemical grouting, cement grouting, and jet grouting are the mainly grouting methods.

For the foundation grouting, usually use the high-pressure jet grouting method, infiltrative grouting, splitting grouting, compact grouting etc method, and improve the foundation bearing capacity.
This could realize the strengthening purpose. The above technology are suitable for the raw building foundation strengthening could not meet the request, and also the natural foundation bearing ability is also too low.
Infiltrative grouting, it uses the pressure and push the slurry into the holes. This could improve the soil physical properties. It is suitable for the medium sand, coarse sand, and gravel foundations.

diesel grout pump

When you are the commercial builder, and focus on the grouting projects, such as dam grouting, road-works grouting, etc. The grout pump is necessary equipment for the works. If the grouting projects are changed much, flow and pressure are not always changes, have your own grout pump is the best choice.

Diesel grout pump is the most popular pumps in the market. The diesel engine is suitable for the working site that the power supply is not very convenient. The diesel grout pump flow and pressure is based on the projects request.
Now LGM130/20 medium pressure grouting pump is the hottest selling ones. And it is widely used in the Malaysia market. Single piston and double acting, ball valve type. Compact size and do not takes too much place. Ideal grouting pump for the grouting process. Its flow is 130L/min and pressure is 20bar. Mechanical type, not the hydraulic type. And simple to maintenance for end users.

diesel grout pump for sale

As for grouting projects, grout mixer and agitator is also needed. Grout mixer and agitator mixing the slurry (usually water, cement, and additives). While the recording equipment is for an option.
If grouting flow, pressure, and the material quantity are needed to know during the projects, grouting recorder is also needed.

As for the grouting pump, its flow and pressure capacity must be sufficient to perform a satisfying operation. The grout pressure is one of the three major factors for the penetration distance.
The other two being, the groutmix and the effective fissure aperture. Every grouting stage should be dealt with as quick as possible. It is better to divide long or difficult grouting holes into several shorter and more easily grouted stages.

grout pump for sale

LGM130/20 medium pressure grouting pump for sale delivery time is fast. Semi-finished products are in our factory, once order confirmed, will be install and test. This could save time and meet urgently projects need.

grout pump

Lead Equipment focus on grouting equipment develops and produce. Customized grouting pump flow and pressure are also no problem to meet different grouting projects.
As for the grouting pump power: electric motor, diesel engine, and air power are all could be provided.
For more information about diesel grout pump for sale, please email us:  

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