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Customization grouting cement pump

2020-08-20 18:27:36

Customization grouting cement pump
Cement grouting pump, which is to make a certain material into a slurry, and use a grouting pump to press it into the formation or gap to diffuse it to gel or solidify, so as to achieve the purpose of strengthening the formation or preventing leakage. Grouting technology is widely used in various pressure grouting, foundation treatment, soft foundation reinforcement grouting in high-rise building mortar conveying reservoirs, hydropower stations, ports, wharfs, backfilling grouting anchor support in tunnel mine subway construction. At this stage, the main grouting technology mainly used is compact grouting, bolt support, curtain grouting, and high-pressure rotary jetting.

customization grouting cement pump

In the construction project, the customization grouting cement pump is an important grouting equipment. Good maintenance and maintenance habits of the grouting pump are often used to effectively extend the service life of the machine, ensure the normal operation of the equipment during use, reduce the failure rate, and improve work efficiency. Reduce maintenance costs. The maintenance of the cement grouting pump should be regular, and the principle of prevention should be taken. It must be maintained without damage. It will be late when there is a failure. After not in use, clean the grouting pump pipeline as soon as possible to prevent the residual cement slurry from solidifying and causing blockage. Lubricate the lubricated parts to prevent rust, and tighten the loose screws. After long-term use. It is necessary to replace the lubricating oil in the box. When it is not used for a long time, it is necessary to prevent rust and moisture. Careful maintenance and scientific maintenance improve the life of cement grouting pump.

grouting cement pump

Due to the limitations of the grouting process, the dispersion of grouting and solids is large, and the reliability of uniformity and strength guarantee is relatively poor. There is uncertainty in the quality control and inspection of the construction process, and its effect sometimes fails to reach the design. Strength requirements for body reinforcement. When the grouting reinforcement technology is used for the deep excavation, the reinforcement construction effectiveness should be comprehensively evaluated. The restriction of the depth of grouting reinforcement does not include the grouting reinforcement of the bottom of the wall of the retaining wall or the bottom of the column pile in the foundation pit project.

cement grouting pump

Application range of grouting reinforcement. Grouting includes separation grouting method, buried pipe method, low slump mortar method, column bag grouting method, etc. Grouting can improve the bearing capacity of the foundation soil and increase the passive earth pressure of the soil body inside the enclosure wall, but it is not obvious to improve the lateral deformation resistance of the soil body. Generally, the calculation does not consider the improvement of the shear strength index of the soil in the reinforced area and the lateral proportional coefficient of the soil. In the shallow foundation pit or the environment is still good sandy or silty soil foundation can use grouting for foundation reinforcement treatment.

Lead Equipment is one of the professional hydraulic grout pump manufacturers, pay much attention to its design, and use. Users’ always first, and any special request for the machine, such add wheels or add grout mixer and agitator to make this grout pump to a grout plant and grout station. As cement grouting pump manufacturers, it will surely be produced according to your request.

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