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How to calculate the total operating cost of shotcreting project

2019-11-15 14:40:51

How to calculate the total operating cost of shotcreting project?
Before start shotcreting project you generally need calculate the total operating cost of shotcreting project. Shotcrete machine can be applied to many shotcreting projects. The following are the projects commonly used by our customers.

1. Shotcrete pump for swimming pool shotcreting project


cost of shotcreting project

2. Shotcrete machine for artificial rockwork shotcreting project
  shotcreting project cost

Shotcrete machi for built dome shotcreting project

price of shotcreting project

4. Shotcreting machine for building 3D panel shotcreting project

shotcreting project price

5. Conveying lightweight concrete, used as foam concrete pump 
shotcreting project

foam concrete pump shotcreting project

6. Conveying concrete 
shotcreting project

Conveying concrete shotcreting project

7. Gunite machine for slope protection 
shotcreting project   

 Gunite machine for slope protection shotcreting project

To calculate the total operating cost, taking into account the following:
I. Equipment start-up cost

cost of shotcreting project

price of shotcreting project

II. Operator training cost

III. Labor cost

IV. Spare parts cost according to hours of operation

V. Working time for cleaning rebound

VI. Energy consumption

VII. Fuel and lubricant cost

VIII. Optional cost:

       1. scaffold

       2. Telescopic lifting platform

       3. Air compressor

       4. Concrete transport
If you want to get a cost of shotcreting machine, you can tell me freely, we will send the price and details of shotcrete machine for you as soon as possible. Shotcrete machines are widely applied in indoor project, such as mining, tunnel, subway etc. project.  

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