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Maintenance principle of concrete shotcrete machine

2017-07-06 10:58:04

To extend the service life of concrete shotcrete machine, just do the maintenance work is not enough, but to adhere to the three-point repair, seven by the principle of raising, so as to ensure the life of concrete shotcrete machine:

1. Adjust the homing

Machine in the work for some time, wear ring, glasses and other components will inevitably produce friction, and the formation of gaps, this time you need to manually adjust it to its home.

2. Check the hydraulic components regularly

The hydraulic component refers to some parts related to the pressure system, including the fuel tank, the safety valve, the oil pipeline, etc., if these parts are to be dealt with immediately.

3. Timely add lubricants

For the concrete shotcrete machine, the lubricating oil is essential, there is no oil, the machine is very difficult to run smoothly, and forced operation will damage the machine. In addition, if the oil is not clean enough to cause the machine wear, so the routine maintenance must check whether the need for cleaning and cleaning lubricants.

4. To ensure the tightness of the link

Bolt loosening is not only caused by machine damage, the reasons for the reduction of life, but also the safety of the machine to form a hidden danger. Therefore, in the maintenance process, it is necessary to promptly check the installation of bolts are strong, check the place there are mainly rod, the mouth of the mouth, the parts of the connection, the various pipeline, the pump suction port.

concrete shotcrete machine

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