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High volume colloidal compact grout station for sale

2017-07-07 16:25:49

LGP800/1200/200PI D high volume grout station is effective and efficient mixing and grouting equipment. High-speed, high-shear mixer, large mixer volume, it is 800L. Large agitator, its volume is 1200L.

colloidal compact grout station


high volume colloidal compact grout station


high volume grout station

High volume colloidal compact grout station
 is a combination of mixer, agitator and grout pump in one plant. High speed vortex mixer ensures mix quickly and evenly. Water, cement or bentonite is quickly mixed into a homogeneous slurry. High sheer colloidal mixer increases grout strength, while reducing mix time and enhancing flow rate. All components are easily accessible for operating, cleaning and maintenance.

Colloidal compact grout station
is ideal for heavy construction projects including foundations, encasements, mining, tunneling, anchors & hydro-electric dams.

There are three basic types of grout plant: stationary (or central) plants, modular (or containerized) plants and “bag” plants (those in which cement supplied in bags is placed in the mixers manually) Now we are mainly produce the stationary and trailer type grouting plants.

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high volume compact grout station

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