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The essential differences between dry shotcrete machine and wet shotcrete machine

2017-07-05 17:19:31

Do you know the real difference between dry shotcrete machine and wet shotcrete machine? Which kind of shotcrete machine is more suitable for us to use?

The difference between dry shotcrete and wet shotcrete

1. The degree of wet and dry slurry. Dry jetting machine to join the jet slurry is dry, such as concrete, cement, etc., are not added water or add a small amount of water. The wet shotcrete is a mixture of agitated mixes, such as concrete, cement and water, and then sprayed out.

 2. Spray mode is different. Dry shotcrete machine because of the addition of dry concrete or cement, so the jet, the nozzle need to add water to ensure that the spray effect and will not produce too much dust. Wet shotcrete machine is the use of water to fully stir the concrete or cement, and then spray, and the nozzle without water, and will not produce dust, to ensure that the working environment.

3. The transmission distance and wind pressure is different. Dry shotcrete machine conveying distance of up to 200 meters or more, and wet shotcrete spray slurry is a good viscosity of the slurry has been mixed, so the vertical transmission distance can only reach 20-80 meters, the horizontal transport distance 35-300 meters. Dry air shotcrete machine pressure to 8 cubic meters can be sprayed , wet blast gun wind pressure will need 10 cubic meters to work.

4. The operator and the security aspects are different. Dry shotcrete machine need to occupy the operator too much, due to produce a lot of dust, not only affect the environment, but also for safety and physical damage to workers, and is not conducive to underground construction operations. Wet shotcrete machine has been mixed before the good, so it is neither allow a lot of manpower, and will not produce dust, and then the impact on workers and the environment is not large, applicable to a variety of working environment.

5. The rebound rate and cohesion of the different. Dry shotcrete machine rebound rate of 15-50%, but also cause poor cohesion, especially in underground construction, will be subject to deformation of the crust and deformation, resulting in split and damage. Wet shotcrete machine rebound rate of up to 10%, and because the slurry before the water and cement than the good mixing, so high cohesion, not easy to change with the crust and deformation, safety has an important role.

In summary, dry shotcrete machine and wet shotcrete machine in the working mode, slurry selection, transportation distance, safety and so have the essential difference, it is recommended that if you want to improve the quality of the project, please buy wet shotcrete machine, Can fully guarantee your project progress and personnel safety. 

dry shotcrete machine

wet shotcrete machine

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