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Compact concrete spraying machine for sale

2020-03-20 14:45:17

Compact concrete spraying machine for sale
Compact concrete spraying machine is a common shotcrete equipment, which is widely used in engineering construction, mines, tunnels, culverts, subways, hydropower projects, underground engineering, and coal gangue mine roadway sprayed concrete construction operations: various types of industrial furnaces, spray lining or repair of refractory materials for furnace lining: soil conveyance and spraying during various slope protection and greening construction. The machine can be used for tide spraying, dry spraying and individual fiber spraying operations.

There are three types of concrete jet: large, medium and small. Each type can be equipped with diesel engine, electric motor, wind motor and other power drive system, which can meet the requirements of different injection volume and different working environment. Direct material cavity is adopted, and compressed air is used to transport concrete mixing materials of a certain proportion through pipes and spray them to the spraying surface at high speed for solidification and hardening, so as to form concrete supporting layer. It is the most widely used concrete spraying machine in China. It is widely used in construction, railway tunnel construction, mine tunnel construction, slope reinforcement and other fields. Basic model: motor driven, solid wheel chassis. Expansion type: wind motor drive, diesel engine drive; The chassis can be skid-mounted or rail-wheeled. Recommended applications: tunnel construction, mine roadway, hydropower engineering, foundation pit and slope protection.

concrete spraying machine for sale

concrete spraying machine price 

Concrete spraying machine mainly has the following advantages:Straight-through rotor type non-adhesive material cavity, unobstructed discharge and time saving; Four-point elastic compensation and compaction, good sealing effect, less dust near the machine, and long life of wearing parts; Adopt low-pressure and high-speed vortex airflow to overcome the problems of material sticking, tube blocking and pulse deflection during material transportation; New spray head and discharge elbow device, improve spraying effect, less rebound, and high spray layer quality.

Compact concrete spraying machine for sale are mainly driven by explosion-proof motors, reducers, rotor body assemblies, sealing plates, rubber plates, compactor mechanisms, hopper seats, mining rail wheels, vibrating hoppers, compaction mechanisms, and air system and electrical control device and other components.

concrete spraying  machines factory 

Mixed concrete is fed through the vibrating screen to the spraying machine’s charging hopper by the concrete mixer or manual mixing and feeding. Then, concrete mix is moved by a poker to rotator’s through chamber, transferred to discharging outlet along with the movement of rotator, where compressed air from air chamber blows the mix to outlet elbow. Another blow of compressed air from the rotational swirler will further scatter, accelerate and rotate the mix to the conveying hose. Concrete mix is sprayed out through the sprayer where a little water applicable in damp spraying or liquid accelerator applicable in wet spraying is added.

We have the professional production line for the main wearing parts about concrete spraying machine:
1. Delivery Rubber Hose: More durable than normal kind rubber pipe, weaved by the quality steel wire, high resist compression ability, high wear resistance.
2. Rubber Sealing Plate: Adopt nature rubber, working time can meet 400m3. For the normal kind can only meet 130m3.
3. Rotor Disk: Casting by quality carbide tools, the working time is 3-5 times than normal kinds, and can meet 600-800m3, it's prefect for the rotor type compact concrete spraying machine.
Once confirm the answers of above question, suitable type shotcrete machine and factory price to your local port both will be at first time. More detailed product information, please check the our company website:

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