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CLC Pump Machine for sale

2018-04-10 09:51:20

Leadcrete CLC pump machine is widely used for pumping foam concrete, Leadcrete hose pump are mainly applied in distant conveying, grouting and dosing of viscous slurries in construction, mining, food, papermaking, ceramic, etc. CLC pump is available in two options; Standard model has dispensed 6 cubic meters per hour capacity and the previous version can provide 12 cubic meters per hour.

CLC pump machine

Leadcrete has many CLC pump machines for sale, features of CLC pump machine:
1. Self –priming;

2. No seals;

3. Able to pump products with solid parts inside;

4. No valves;
5. Only tube to replace;
6. No contact between product and mechanical parts;

7. Dry –running without damage;
8. Reversible;
9. CLC Pump Machine is easy maintenance, low-cost, short down time.
CLC Pump Machine was all started in the year of 2012 when decided to setup CLC blocks making plant. Our attempt to produce high-quality standard CLC blocks has evaded us for the next two years, only to find no equipment and machinery specifically designed for foam concrete applications. For the next two years, we used our blood, sweat, and labor to develop a solution specifically for the production of CLC. Today, with the help of like-minded people in this industry, we try to support our customers very little and we have created a solution for ourselves as the leading solution provider for cellular lightweight concrete applications.

CLC pump

Each application requires proper mixing and working at a unique density. We have patented machines that can be incorporated into the manufacturing of CLCs with densities ranging from 400 to 1200.

Precisely speaking, we will inevitably provide solutions for actual CLC manufacturing, including everything from block making, wall pouring, filling applications, composite walls, recessed fills, waterproofing, landfills, and more.

If you have any need about CLC pump machines, you can tell me freely, our email address is


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