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CLC machines small size

2021-04-06 18:37:11

CLC machines small size
CLC machines small size are used to make foam concrete. Foam concrete is a new green building material in the construction industry. It has thermal insulation properties and has much lower cost than ordinary concrete.
The capacity of CLC machines small size is 5m3/h, which includes foaming system (foam generator), feeding system ( screw conveyor), mixing system (mixer) and pumping system( hose pump), and putting all the 4 parts in one, very convenient to operate and move. The mixer tank is 300L, horizontal pumping distance is 40m, vertical pumping distance is 7m, Max. aggregate is 3mm. It is a full foam concrete production line, all the accessories are included.

CLC machines small size

CLC block making, floor heating, roof insulation, wall casting, void filling, etc. 

 small size CLC machines application

CLC machines small size features:
1. It adopts hose pump to convey foam concrete, almost no damage to foams, so that we can guarantee the good performance of final products. 
2. And this machine has frequency converter, we can adjust foam quantity to get different densities foam concrete, very convenient.

Functional concrete blocks made of small size CLC machines have many different games:
1. Lightweight and high strength, light load on the building: maximum dryness 320-1200kg / m3, 1 / 5-1 / 8 standard concrete or block.
2. Excellent coating and heat transfer sound performance: Thermal conductivity conductivity 0.06-0.16w / m.k, 24cm wall thickness is 58dB, meets the requirements for building exterior wall, home wall and acoustic coating.
Perfect Pressure Function: Pressure power can exceed 0.5MPa, and maximum strength can exceed 10.5MPa.
4. Resistant to good impact: Because the foam concrete block is impervious, has a low durability module, high insertion and dispersion against the impact load, and the foam concrete block has a light weight and is effectively reduced structure.
5. No interruptions, long service life: no accident or empty drum in the foam concrete block, no need to clean the interface when using, anti-aging performance, long service life.
6. Excellent water resistance: Foam material has less than 10% water absorption, which is clear from other automatic wall materials.

 small CLC machines

As CLC machines small size manufacturers, leadcrete has been in this field for more than ten years. CLC machines small size are the most popular cost-saving applications for pumping concrete, foam concrete, aggregate and mortar. At the end of the pumping cycle, the adapter also allows you to pump the piston into the cylinder, which will not allow you to adjust the pneumatic pressure, and if you have to press the pneumatic press in the satisfactory speed and required for the pumped function. The regulation system is the data of the speed control valves, which regulates the speed of the component based on the actual variance of the cost. The retrospective system attached to a dislocation of the transfer mechanism, which has the effect of the effectiveness of the operation and the guarantee of the mechanical function of the machinery. 

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