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China CLC foam concrete block cutting machine

2018-05-19 15:01:02

Our CLC foam concrete block wire cutting machine is a new product in the foam concrete plant, It is specially used to cut various foam concrete blocks. Easy operation, high efficiency.

The lifting motor adopt the standard automatically brake motor and Lifting speed could be adjusted through the frequency converter. With our this cutting machine you can cut the block into any size as your requirement.

The special performance of our CLC block cutting machine:

1.  Six shafts equipped with bearings, reduce the friction, and increase the rope wire lifetime.

2.  Both horizontal and vertical cutting are cutting both way, keep the blocks more stable, and get good shape blocks.

3.  Lifting speed could be also adjusted under the chain drive and lifting motor, more stable.

4.  Two cutting motors equipped on the cutting frame, save space, and make the structure more impact.

5.  Steel doors instead of the guard grids, more easy for daily maintenance.

6.  Add cover on the top of the cutting machine, make the cutter elegant appearance.

7.   Improved the control panel too, it is available for 380V/50HZ~460V/50HZ.

If use blade cutting machine: Longer cutting time after pouring concrete; Need 2 machines for cutting in 2 directions; High blade consumption, especially if the sand in CLC is course or density is High. But if use our GW30B wire cutting machine, it will solves the above problems.

CLC block cutting machine

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