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How to choose grout pump

2018-11-27 14:01:15

Grouting business, which has a long background in classic dam waterproofing, has recently seen new techniques come into practice which require highly specialized grouting equipment and personnel and which are generally known as consolidation, compaction and compensation grouting.

choose grout pump

Grouting pump can be used in a multitude of building projects, including dams, urban building to compensate movements of surface foundations and other infrastructures in the construction of underground projects, sub-soil improvements on embankments, underpinning of walls and superficial foundations etc. Grout pump is a must equipment during the grouting business.
There are various grout pump suppliers all over the world. In face of so many suppliers, you should pay more attention. What do we need to choose a suitable grout pump and judge a good grout pump supplier?
Choose grout pump, selecting the most cost-effective grout pump or injection pump machine for the contractor's needs requires thorough research of things such as cost, application, and usage amounts.

grout pump

When doing grouting and injection projects, the following important data to help choose grout pump:

1. The grouting projects doing: for a dam, or a soil nail wall or other?

2. The grouting material: water, cement, with the additive? Or water, cement, sand, and the additive? Also the ratio of the above material.

3. The power of the grout pump: electric motor, or diesel engine, or air motor, or hand operate?

4. The grout pump flow and pressure.

These above informations could assist to choose a suitable grout pump for your projects.

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