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How to choose cost-effective peristaltic/ hose pump?

2016-11-29 13:50:39

How to choose high quality peristaltic/hose pump, Lead Equipment Co., Ltd. for you need to be aware of when buying a few points are summarized.
First, hoses, hose pump is the most important part of the hose pump is like as the digestive tract, use hose slowly crawling to transport gas, liquid, solid three kinds of medium, the role of the hose pump is in the hose pump have the effect of transmission medium, so the choice of the hose is a top priority. Because the hose is the most easy worn parts, hose pump in use process must be treated with caution, for the regular maintenance, when not in use to remove it from the hose pump, and scrub clean, so when choosing the hose, so how to choose and buy the hose? According to the installation environment of the hose pump when buy to choose corresponding hose, the scope of capital class, try to choose good quality hoses, hose of wear resistance, good quality, wear resistance of the hose service life is long.
Second, we must in the formal manufacturers to buy the hose pump, because the hose pump is a high price of industrial goods, and now, in order to seek exorbitant profits some unscrupulous businessmen, into the poor quality of some hose pump, shoddy, for packaging. And then sold at high prices, earn price difference, from these merchants to buy the hose pump without quality assurance, in use process, not only affect the construction schedule, also can endanger the life safety of operating personnel, when buying must not only compare the price, low prices tend to be low quality. So when buy, had better be to choose a regular manufacturer.
Third, when buying the peristaltic pump, attention should be paid to observe the packaging of hose pump, the packaging is normal manufacturer factory, its packaging have a certificate, certificate of approval is in line with the national standard of quality inspection.
Lead Equipment Co., Ltd. specialized is engaged in the research and development, production and sales of industrial hose pump. We have formed a very complete product series. Models of dozens of, for your choice, work pressure range 0.6-3MPa, displacement range 0.01-50 cubic meters per hour. Extruded tube material according to customer requirements can provide NR, NBR and EPDM (industrial grade, food grade).

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