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High pressure cement grout pump for sale

2019-09-27 15:49:50

Our high-pressure cement grout pump comprises a piston grouting pump and a plunger grouting pump in the structure, and the reversing system has the function of automatically positioning the air pressure. The main material of the high-pressure pneumatic grouting pump is steel, and the coal mine safety certificate is also available. So our high-pressure grouting pump could be safely used in the coal mine which includes high gas.

High-pressure cement grout pump is hot in China now, its output is from 10L/min to 200L/min, the pressure of the grout pump is from 3Mpa to 30Mpa. We also could design the grouting pump according to your requirement. It is specially used as filling pump together with pipe-jacking system, it could convey thick soil which content water ratio ≥30%. This kind of concrete grouting pump can also transfer concrete during tunnel construction. The pump output is 100L/min and the rated pressure is 5Mpa.

 High pressure cement grout pump

We are professional grout pump manufacturer for building construction. We have many different kinds of grout pump, piston grout pump, plunger grout pump, squeeze type grout pump, high pressure grouting pump, medium pressure grouting pump and low pressure grouting pump. The output of hand grouting pump is 10 L / min, the pressure is 10 bar, light weight, and the operation is convenient. We export manual grouting pumps to India, Britain, Sri Lanka, Australia, Albania, Myanmar and other countries.

cement grout pump

In general, the most important factor is to work nearby, to obtain materials and water supply, taking into account waste disposal and waste cleaning. It is always best to keep the filling line as short as possible to reduce the distance of the pump. This is particularly important when pumping difficult materials, such as mortar and premix. The water supply sources of solid materials (cement, fly ash, sand, etc.) should be provided at any time for mixing and cleaning. When planning a highly productive project, it is important to remember the maximum power consumption time of the mixer when charging. With an appropriate menu, you can keep it to a minimum.

 high pressure cement grout pump

Set Up

Once set, no foreign matter or pump or an old mixer of the established material is visually inspected and all necessary connections are made. And the main power supply handle is disconnected, and the hopper is filled with a water pump. Turn off the main power supply and observe that the condition is normal and the machine can be operated. By running the mixer, the correct operation of each mixer and the opposite direction are checked if the unit is structured to allow reverse. Then, the pump that was previously introduced into the pump hopper was started to drain water. This is an ideal opportunity to check the fill system to determine if all of the pipes and hoses are open. You can also check the status of the pump discharge pressure by testing. When it is determined that all systems are normal, close the pump and all of the pump and drain lines. NOTE: Some materials are pre-mixed with cement and sand and some of the materials are gradually separated to block the hose in contact with the residual water hose; therefore, this is a good mix before mixing and pumping and producing the material, pumping the cement/ cement slurry, lubricating the pump and the hose.

Start Up
At the production stage, be alert to abnormal signs when monitoring the performance of pumps and mixers. Keep the mixer free of material accumulation, keep the machine clean, keep the pump sealed and lubricated, but the seal is not tight enough to prevent leakage.

Do not dry up the pump, do not use liquid, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the pump. After excessive production of waste, carefully rinse out the mixer tank, oars and baffle into the pump bucket, to the appropriate disposal place, through grouting hose pump generated materials for scouring. Until only the discharge of water continues this operation. It is wise that all hoses drain any remaining flushing water from the pump when flushing is complete.

Clear Up
Use safety straps on all grout hose connection.
Keep your arms, fingers, etc. away from the moving part. Leading concrete equipment is a professional supplier of cement slurry equipment, with a large product line, including piston-mechanical grouting pump, plunger cement slurry pump, hose grouting pump, slurry mixing pump and so on. Lead concrete slurry pump is a unique supplier of Chinese grouting pump products with ISO 9001 international standard and CE certification. The products are exported to South Africa, Canada, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Korea, Bahrain, Nepal and other countries and regions. Grouting pump is mainly used in anchoring grouting, highway, railway, tunnel, subway, hydropower station, dam grouting and other projects.

diesel cement grout pump for sale

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high pressure mortar grout pump

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