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cement grout pump for sale

2021-05-25 18:30:44

Cement grout pump for sale
As a cement grout machine manufacturer, there are many types of cement grout pump for sale: hose type grout pump, piston grout pump, plunger grout pump. 
Cement grout pump for sale is designed and made for permeation grouting, compaction grouting, backfilling grouting, curtain grouting, high pressure split grouting, etc. grouting methods. It could be widely used in tunnels grouting, blocking water in mine mining face; grouting and sealing water in rock roadway and concrete shaft wall; tunnel crack, broken rock mass, reinforcement of scattered rock; anchoring; backfill grouting and prevent surface subsidence, prevent landslides, correct grouting of building deflections, etc.

Cement grout pump for sale

1. Compact structure, light weight, easy operate, low maintenance cost.
2. With digital display counter: it can display at any time, and can accumulate work times.
3. Flow and pressure can be adjusted step-less.
4. Equipped with emergency unloading valve: in case of an emergency, it can be load-off instantly.
5. In low pressure, it will be flow-converging of two pumps; In high pressure, there is only one pump work. Low pressure and large flow, high pressure and low output.
6. With full-hydraulic shaft device, stable and reliable operation.
7. Water-cooling and air cooling; Suitable for hot and cold areas.

Cement grout pump

Maintenance, maintenance, use and precautions of cement grout pump for sale:
1. Before using the cement grout machine, add a proper amount of grease to the movable hinge of the rocker, and shake the handle at a constant speed to ensure flexible use and prevent corrosion.
2. When loose fasteners are found during use, tighten them properly in time.
3. Shake the handle with moderate force to prevent damage to parts.
4. All joints of the inlet and outlet pipes are fastened with steel wire clamps and then connected with the pump body in a sealed manner. The following measures should be taken if poor suction performance is found:
(1) Check the tightness of fastening of each joint connection part at the feeding end.
(2) Check whether the feed pipe is damaged or leaked.
(3) Check whether there is material in the charging barrel.
(4) Check whether the discharge port is loose and blocked by sundries. Take the following measures in case of poor discharge:
 ① Check whether the discharge pipe is blocked. 
 ② Check whether the discharge valve is open.

Cement grout pump price

5. When grouting slurry, the discharge pipe must be placed smoothly, otherwise it will directly affect the construction operation.
6. Pay attention to the slurry can't contain sand, lest affect the service life of the machine.
7. When using outdoors in winter, the following items should be paid attention to when the temperature is below zero:
(1) The use time should not be too long.
(2) The prepared slurry should be filled in one go.
8. Wash the surplus materials in the machine pipe with clear water immediately after use, and take the cleaned water as clear water as the cleaning standard, and then put the machine and material pipe indoors for storage, so as to facilitate the next use.

Cement grout pump supplier

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