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Hydro seeding machine for lawn

2021-05-26 21:25:43

Hydro seeding machine for lawn

Hydro seeding machine for lawn can be used for stable soil slope, high fill sub-grade slope, artificial soil slope, lawn, rice field, garden, golf courses, park, school, soil improvement and the place of erosion control.

Hydro seeding machine for lawn

The hydro seeding machine for lawn consists of a storage tank that mixes various materials into a slurry, which is then sprayed onto the property. There are two types of tanks that can be used to mix the slurry. The jet mixing tank uses a strong flow from a pump to mix the slurry. This type has fewer moving parts, requires less maintenance and is easy to use. The other is a paddle stirring type, which uses paddles to mix the slurry so that the machine can handle heavier materials.
The hydrating mixture will consist of water, grass seeds, fertilizer and hydraulic mulch. The mixture can also contain pre-germination weed control and thickeners, sticky substances used on slopes, and other additives. The water-added mulch is usually newspaper material cut into small pieces with green dye to make the mixture look beautiful when sprayed on the property.

Hydro seeding machine

Optimal sowing time of hydro seeding machine for lawn:
The best time to add water to the cool-season turf is usually autumn or early spring. Many people choose autumn, just like summer is almost over, the soil is still warm and cool at night, it is ideal for establishing cool season grass. But this does not prevent the contractor from spraying late in the season, but it can still get good results depending on the conditions.
Spring sowing is still effective, but the germination rate is usually slightly slower because of the lower soil temperature in winter. Spring is also the peak of broad-leaved and annual weeds.
In many areas, hydraulic seeding can be carried out throughout the year according to the amount the customer is willing to water.
If the homeowner has not moved in, or if the homeowner is unable to water, he should avoid hydraulic seeding from late June to mid-August.
Compared with the cold season, for warm-season turf, hydraulic seeding will last longer. Depending on the time of year or the certain temperature required for the seed type to germinate, different types of grass can be grown.

Hydroseeder machine for lawn

Abrasive, corrosion and tank durability of hydro seeding machine for lawn:
Adding fertilizers and clay-based materials will grind the slurry and cause damage to the tank and other parts. The smallest chips in the traditional carbon steel fuel tank coating will inevitably lead to corrosion. Even water can damage steel storage tanks over time.
We can avoid these problems by using durable stainless steel storage tanks. No matter which material is used, stainless steel storage tanks will not corrode and have a longer service life than traditional storage tanks. This means that customers no longer need to perform tank maintenance every two years, so as not to rust.

Hydroseeding for lawn

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