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How to make cellular lightweight foam concrete

2019-11-01 14:39:37

Cellular lightweight foam concrete is a lightweight building material with good mechanical strength, low thermal conductivity and easy processing. Cellular lightweight foam concrete block is an inorganic material and therefore non-flammable. Tests conducted in several countries (including tests on ASTM standards) have shown that a 15cm thick load-bearing foam concrete slab wall has a fire resistance of more than 7 hours.Therefore, in the field of building energy conservation, foam concrete is often used as a heat insulating material. It has good durability and corrosion resistance, heat preservation, antifreeze and anti-corrosion, which effectively prolongs the service life of the structure.

cellular lightweight foam concrete block

As an experienced manufacturer of cellular lightweight foam concrete block machines, we have been working in this field for over ten years. The cellular lightweight foam concrete block produced by our porous lightweight concrete block machine has the advantages of light weight, high heat insulation, high fire resistance, high sound insulation, environmental protection and economy. We are ready to share our experience. To make high quality honeycomb lightweight concrete blocks, we need to follow these steps:
Prepare the required equipment:
A set of cellular lightweight concrete molds, an electric cellular lightweight concrete mixer, foaming machine and electronic scale.
Prepare the required raw materials:
Water, cement, foaming agent and soapy water

making cellular foam concrete block machine

1. Assemble a porous lightweight concrete mold,
2. Using a blowing agent diluent, installing and commissioning the foaming machine, using the foaming machine to produce a foam. If there is no foamer, we need to prepare the manual foaming device in advance.
3. Weigh 1.75kg of water 3.15kg of cement into the water and stir it with a honeycomb lightweight concrete mixer until it becomes sticky.
4. Inject the foam into the cement slurry and mix well, pour into the mold to make the surface smooth and flat.
5. After 48 hours of curing, demold and water for two weeks.
Our lightweight aggregate concrete machine and cellular foam concrete block is an all-in-one machine that includes all the necessary components: foam generator, screw conveyor, mixer and foam concrete pump. We can feed the cement and sand through a screw conveyor, the conveyor transports the material to the mixer, and the material is mixed into a slurry in a blender. Then we can produce the foam through the foam generator. The nesting, slurry and foam will be mixed in a static mixer and then pumped to the job site by a foam concrete pump. So if you want to make lightweight foam concrete block, you can choose our 4-in-1 machine. 

lightweight foam concrete block machine

If you want to increase your productivity, you can use a lightweight foam concrete block cutter, like ordinary concrete, which can cut concrete foam concrete block into any size you need.

lightweight foam concrete block cutting machine

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