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Interlocking block CLC making machine for sale

2018-12-05 10:10:09

Interlocking block is a new building material, it has been widely used in many countries due to its superior performance, such as, lightweight, thermal insulation, waterproof, fireproof, sound reduction, low cost, good integrity, environmental friendly, etc.

interlocking block CLC making machine

To make the interlocking blocks, we need interlocking block CLC making machine and interlocking blocks moulds. Our interlocking block CLC making machine is 4-in-1 machine, including concrete mixer, screw conveyor, foam generator and foam concrete pump, so it is a complete interlocking block production line.

block CLC making machine

It is easy to operate. First, we need connect all the parts of the machine, add cement to the hopper of the screw conveyor, add water to the water bag, put water pump, water pipe tip of main part into water bag, put foam agent pipe tip into the foam agent drum, and connect the electric and run the interlocking block CLC making machine.
Second, operate the control system, let the water, cement, sand into mixer and mix evenly. Third, we start to make foam by foam generator. Finally, we just mix the foam and slurry into foam concrete and pump to the interlocking block moulds to shape the interlocking blocks.

block CLC making machine for sale

There is a frequency converter can adjust the speed of foam added to the slurry. Since the speed of slurry is fixed, changing the speed of the foam added can change the density of foam concrete produced.
If you want to make low density interlocking blocks, you need add more foams, so you just turn right the frequency converter,more foam will be added; if you want to make high density interlocking blocks, you need add less foams, so you just turn left the frequency converter,less foams will be added.

CLC making machine for sale

Of course, if you want to make solid foam concrete blocks, we also have solid foam concrete blocks moulds.

block making machine for sale

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