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The Benefits of Foam Board Concrete

2018-05-07 11:14:55

1. Waterproof of the foam board concrete

The cast-in-place foam concrete has low water absorption, relatively independent closed bubbles and good integrity, making it have a certain waterproof performance.

performance of the foam board concrete

2. Good durability of the foam board concrete

The same as the main project life.

3. Easy processing of the foam board concrete

The foam board concrete can not only be produced in the factory into a variety of products, but also on-site construction, directly cast into roofs, floors and walls.

4. Environmentally friendly of the foam board concrete

The raw materials required for foam board concrete are cement and foaming agent. Most of the foaming agents are close to neutral and do not contain harmful substances such as benzene and formaldehyde, thus avoiding environmental pollution and hidden fire hazards.

5. Convenient construction of the foam board concrete

Only the use of foam board concrete machine can realize automatic operation. It can be pumped to achieve long-distance transportation with a vertical height of 200 meters. The workload is 150-300 cubic meters/working day.

application of the foam board concrete machine

6. Other properties of the foam board concrete

Foam board concrete also has the advantages of good pumpability during construction, high compressive strength (0.5-22.2 Mpa), good impact energy absorption performance, large use of industrial waste residue, and low price.

Recently, we have designed a new model foam board machine, this 
foam boardconcretemachine has many advantages:   

1. The foam board concrete machine uses the suitable hose pump, can convey max height of 30-40 meters;
2. The foam board concrete machine is easy to operate, the power can be adjusted based on customer's request;
3. The foam board concrete machine compare similar machine save about 50-100kg concrete per cubic meter.

foam board concrete machine

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