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As for hydroseeder, how much do you acquaint with it?

2022-08-22 15:20:36

In recent years, with the continuous increase in highway infrastructure construction, there are more and more mountainous highways. In order to improve road alignment in some sections, it is inevitable that a large number of high and steep slopes occur due to deep excavation and high filling of subgrade. If these slopes cannot be effectively protected in time, it is likely to cause slope collapse and affect traffic safety. In the past, most of the protection methods used were masonry, retaining walls, shotcrete, and other measures. With the development of the green environmental protection concept, these traditional protection measures were gradually replaced by new vegetation slope protection technology.
The construction of the hydroseeding machine is to mix the greening base material, planting soil, fiber, and mixed vegetation seeds evenly through concrete mixing, so as to form the base material mixture from the conveying pipe to the nozzle and the water flow from the pump, which makes the base material mixture agglomerated, and shoots it to the slope through the nozzle, forming the growth layer of plants on the slope. The soil spraying construction technology is mainly used for rock slope protection.

how much hydroseeder

Features of hydroseeder:
1. Have good stability. Prevent the slope surface from weathering and spalling, strengthen the slope and beautify the environment.
2. Provide reasonable structure needed for slope plant growth, provide balanced nutrients needed for plant growth cycle growth, guarantee water balance for long-term plant growth, and work together with plants to close the slope.
3. Establish a reasonable vegetation community on the slope by regulating the seed structure of plants to achieve the harmonization of engineering and the environment. 
4. Fully combine with ecological greening, beautify the environment, protect and restore nature, and promote the sustainable development of human civilization.

Scope of application of hydroseeder:
1. Hydroseeder is suitable for barren soil slopes, weathered rock slopes, and hard rock slopes, can also be used for other high and steep slope greening protection.
2. Construction technology. 
3. Basic principles. 

hydroseeder price

Thick-layer substrate hydroseeding spraying is a green slope protection technology that uses a concrete spraying machine to spray the mixture of substrate and plant seeds evenly to the engineering slope that needs protection according to the designed thickness. 
The spraying construction technology of thick-layer substrate soil solves the problem that the rock slope cannot grow plants by spraying a layer of substrate material that is similar to the natural soil and can store water and nutrients.

Quality control of hydroseeder:
1. Quality control of raw materials 
(1) Quality inspection reports should be provided for greening base materials, anchors and nets. 
(2) The grain size of the planted soil shall be less than 8 mm and the water content shall not exceed 20 %. 
(3) Mixed vegetation seeds have an excellent germination rate to ensure quality.

2. Quality control of foundation engineering 
(1) Careful cleaning of pumice on slopes, leveling of slopes, oversized slopes, and reverse slopes must be repaired. 
(2) Boreholes are arranged strictly according to design spacing. 
(3) Cement rolls or mortars shall be filled with boreholes and compacted. 
(4) The net shall be tightened, and the width of the lap between the nets shall not be less than 5 cm and shall be tightened with wire. 
(5) Maintain a distance of 2 / 3 of the spray thickness between the mesh and the slope, or pad it up. 
(6) Double encryption of surrounding bolts. 
(7) Setting water interception and drainage facilities for high slopes.

Security measures of hydroseeder:
1. Establish and improve the construction site safety organization, set up full-time security personnel, responsible for supervising the implementation of various safety regulations and systems, do a good job of safety technology for construction personnel, and establish a safety responsibility system. 
2. Careful inspection of construction equipment and strict operation by operators. 
3. Scaffolds, worktables, and support should be secured during aerial work. Each work shift should be inspected and supervised by specialists. 
4. Pay attention to the safe use of electricity. Failures are handled by electricians.
5. Keep the site clean and comfortable.

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