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Wish the AirPod case had a headphone jack

2016-09-13 16:52:08

I have a genius idea, I believe that apple and then refused to consider: build a headphone jack into the suitcase. Insert, into a bluetooth audio transmitter to do anything, including (especially) the plane entertainment terminal. Heck, set the double-click the pairing button to put it into the receiving mode, so you can use it as a bluetooth bridge make your old car stereo audio.

headphone jack

I can easily guess why the apple don't make this very simple adjustment: this is not the future, which is wireless. It wouldn't be "courage" accommodation very real fact, we still need to use the 3.5 mm jack. It's definitely not elegant, or simple。

Yes, it is probably a bad experience for some people, about not being tied to a wire, this means that sometimes you go too far. How many people will they charge basis into home stereo and angry range of audio is terrible, when they leave?
However, though: I will be more easy to buy and use AirPods fundamentally if I know I can use more, I can't (or wouldn't) to them. If I can use them in the same way, I use my Bose ear headphones: usually via bluetooth, but little cable when I really need it.

Anyway, maybe it's a silly idea. But this is not the worst idea, I think. This will be a way for users to help to the brave - Brave New World. It may mean that the customer can carry an electronic dog or less don't need to carry a backup headphones.
Reasonable people unhappy lack headphone jack on the iPhone, but from another direction. If you are a AirPod users, all of a sudden your headset can't use anything they don't match. This is terrible.

If we use software dog apple, I think I won't mind if one is wireless. I would like it if AirPod case has a headphone jack.
Update!!!Bloggiest things I have written over a period of time I even bloggier and updated. If you don't know what I mean is, imagine this stuff, but AirPods. Bluetooth bridge. Yes, as John gruber pointed out on Twitter, I mean women headset port, rather than a headphone jack. But I think I don't know who said "headphone ports."

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